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Mar 11, 2009 03:16 PM

Lunch Options Palm Springs/I-10 area?

Hi Guys, I am a Phx Chowhound and am driving to San Diego tomorrow from Phoenix. I figured my best bet for lunch will be in the Palm Springs area (leaving in the morning from Phx). Although I am willing to drive to find a spot (I know that Palm Springs is a bit off of the I-10), the closer to the I-10 would be a bonus.

Thanks for your help!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. You're traveling to San Diego from Phoenix by way of Palm Springs? Perhaps you have to go that way for some reason, but it is about 50 miles more of driving than taking the Hwy 85 cut-off down to the I-8 freeway and then heading directly toward San Diego. In the latter case, you could stop at some of the quaint, cheap, and good Mexican places in Yuma, El Centro, etc. (Search this board or the Southwest Board for recommendations.)

      If you do take the long route, I recommend exiting at Indio, which is much closer to the freeway than PS, and going either to the Burger Box (81201 Indio Blvd.) for a fine old-fashioned burger and fries from a walk-up window at a gas station or to El Mexicali Cafe II (43430 Monroe St.), a pleasant sit-down place just off the freeway. I've eaten only one thing there, but it was unique -- mild chilis stuffed with shrimp. Why unique? How many dishes have you had in a Mexican restaurant that were served with (entirely appropriate) soy sauce?

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        Technically, I am going to Escondido, which is about 30 miles north of San Diego. With the speed advantage of the I-10 (as opposed to the Hwy 85 to the I-8 route, it is actually a faster route for me. I do switch it up every once in a while.

        Thanks for the responses though!

      2. If you *do* have to drive through PS, you can stop at the Wheel Inn in Cabazon for the Cabazon Dinosaurs. The Wheel Inn has decent retro Diner/Greasy Spoon fare: good Breakfasts, solid Chicken & Dumplings, really good Desserts, Bulls Horns on the walls and Dinosaurs in the Back Yard!

        Wheel Inn Restaurant
        50900 Seminole Dr, Cabazon, CA 92230

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        1. re: Freddie Freelance

          If you can continue on another 40 minutes, downtown Redlands has half a dozen very good restaurants. The main street, State Street is only six blocks from the I-10