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Where can I buy a caramel cake???

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I am trying to find a caramel flavored birthday cake for a family member. Anyone know any good bakeries that have this or can bustom make one? Thanks!

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  1. I think Momofuku Milk Bar has a dulce de leche cake.

    1. Baked in Red Hook has them if you are willing to venture to Brooklyn: http://bakednyc.com/page/cakes-and-tr...

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        They deliver

      2. Yes, the very best carmel cake can be ordered through Carolines Cakes on line. Theere are seven wonderful layers with carmel between each. The only drawback it that they are very expensive but worth every sent. They can be frozen for months. We cut slices off and refreeeze it and it is always as good as the first day we got it.

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          I agree. Caroline's is pretty amazing.