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Anyone else do "Price is Right" shopping lists?

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Am I strange in noting what I think the price will be next to my items on my recipe lists and seeing how close I am as I gather the items, and then the grand total? It adds a fun game-like dynamic to shopping.

Couples can each make their own and see who is closest.

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  1. Gawd, ZT, you make me laugh, since every Sunday morning paper-reading session must include a *quiz* by my Hub to me on what prices I think are in the circular ads. I try to be annoyed ( she says, preening <grin>) but it's sort of fun. And it really does assist in tracking grocery dollars.

    I must admit, I'm lousy at it, as I'm a bit of a skinflint except when it comes to my co-op. My Hub wins the game almost every time.

    I'm so glad someone else has fun shopping for food! In our house it's a weekly *date*.

    More power to you!


    1. Actually, yes I do! I'm such a dork. I've become so good at pricing things out on my weekly grocery list that I can usually come within a few dollars of my actual total. I came home beaming the other day because I actually guessed it dead on, my husband looked at me like I was an idiot.

      1. I've been doing this forever, I think it's fun. I also like to compare food prices nationwide. There is a website that runs the weekly flyers from most major chains.

        1. HA!
          For being a Price is Right contestant..I know a thing or two about pricing and I do something similar but not with making a recipe list..
          I do know when shopping and I am going through the check-out, I remember every price and know when I am getting hosed when the price is NOT right on the register!

          1. I used to be pretty good at looking at my full cart and estimating the total, but that was when I worked for an inventory service (and hey, what's more fun than counting cans of Campbell's soup at 3 a.m.?) But I find now that I inevitably am surprised at checkout when my 3/4 full cart (no meat) is $100.

            1. I've been trying to keep more strictly to a food budget, and yet I am frequently surprised when I get to the checkout line. Maybe I'll give this a try!

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                Yes, I have done this for several years. It really does help me to stay in budget. In store, I also keep a running tally. I don't figure sales tax on nonfood items and don't keep up to the penny but I'll write down $1 if the item is less than a $1 and so on. As I add a new item, I scratch out the old figure and jot the new one. I usually come in a little higher than the total but again, I stay within budget and if I'm low, I know whether I can add in some extras, like good unadvertised bargains.

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                  It not only helps keep you within budget, it also alerts to the oh-too-many mistakes in grocery store pricing. If you're playing "the game" you know what the pork loin or chicken thighs are advertised for. So often, they don't ring up at the advertised price. I guess it makes us more aware.


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                    I can't tell you how many times I've caught mistakes when they ring up my purchases. I'm to the point now that I try to watch while they're doing it and if I get distracted by the kids or something, I stop and look at my receipt carefully before I ever walk out the door. It upsets me greatly when I get overcharged or the worst is when they scan an item twice and I only bought one.