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Mar 11, 2009 02:53 PM

Anyone else do "Price is Right" shopping lists?

Am I strange in noting what I think the price will be next to my items on my recipe lists and seeing how close I am as I gather the items, and then the grand total? It adds a fun game-like dynamic to shopping.

Couples can each make their own and see who is closest.

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  1. Gawd, ZT, you make me laugh, since every Sunday morning paper-reading session must include a *quiz* by my Hub to me on what prices I think are in the circular ads. I try to be annoyed ( she says, preening <grin>) but it's sort of fun. And it really does assist in tracking grocery dollars.

    I must admit, I'm lousy at it, as I'm a bit of a skinflint except when it comes to my co-op. My Hub wins the game almost every time.

    I'm so glad someone else has fun shopping for food! In our house it's a weekly *date*.

    More power to you!


    1. Actually, yes I do! I'm such a dork. I've become so good at pricing things out on my weekly grocery list that I can usually come within a few dollars of my actual total. I came home beaming the other day because I actually guessed it dead on, my husband looked at me like I was an idiot.

      1. I've been doing this forever, I think it's fun. I also like to compare food prices nationwide. There is a website that runs the weekly flyers from most major chains.

        1. HA!
          For being a Price is Right contestant..I know a thing or two about pricing and I do something similar but not with making a recipe list..
          I do know when shopping and I am going through the check-out, I remember every price and know when I am getting hosed when the price is NOT right on the register!

          1. I used to be pretty good at looking at my full cart and estimating the total, but that was when I worked for an inventory service (and hey, what's more fun than counting cans of Campbell's soup at 3 a.m.?) But I find now that I inevitably am surprised at checkout when my 3/4 full cart (no meat) is $100.