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Mar 11, 2009 02:08 PM

breakfast and lunch recs for Phila airport (PHL)?

I'm flying through PHL airport and have a two-hour layover both ways -- one at breakfast time and one for lunch. I will probably be in Terminal F, so I should probably stick to concourses B to E.
Anything great? Tasty, healthy and Asian are preferred for lunch; anything above fast-food mediocre for breakfast.

(For guidance, I am always very happy to fly through O'Hare and go to Wolfgang Puck Express for their tasty Asian coleslaw w/ chicken, greens & sesame seeds.)

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  1. Sky Asian Bistro is in Concourse C & has been pretty good the 3-4 times I've eaten there.

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    1. re: rsgdmd

      When we need to eat there we usually go to Au Bon Pain. At least they have fresh salads, fruit, etc.

      1. re: rsgdmd

        What did you like at Sky Asian Bistro?

        1. re: NYchowcook

          While nothing is truly authentic (this is an airport after all), they don't bland things down. Their Pad Thai had some nice heat. Service can be slow, but it's a big step up from food court chinese. BTW - they have Sushi, but I've never had.

      2. I had a great piece of pizza at King of Pizza in the Southwest Airline terminal.

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          healthy it ain't, but i do love the king of pizza too. actually, it's better than most of what i've found in philly proper - certainly better than lorenzo's! here's a short and disgusting story which shows just how much i love king of pizza: i was eating my slice at the communal tables, minding my own business, and i kept noticing something moving out of the corner of my eye. finally as i brought the slice to my mouth, i saw up close what it was: the ceiling was dripping, and a drip landed directly on my slice. and i ate it anyway. that's how good it is. and then, to further prove this, the woman at the table next to me picked up her partner's discarded crust from the dirty tabletop, and devoured it. so there you have it. people will sink to new lows for this pizza. :) and what's silly, there's NEVER a line at king of pizza, while some fast food place (i think it's a burger king?) has a line much, much longer than the security line! amazing.

          1. re: rabidog

            It was Burger King and their line is ridiculous! KOP had none and I got a white veggie with ricotta that was amazing!

        2. and on PHL in general, though it won't affect the OP because it's in A terminal, but the wine bar there serves up some of the worst food i've ever eaten, at a incredibly hefty price. avoid that place like the plague; you're better off with the airplane food.