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Mar 11, 2009 02:00 PM

Santa Cruz Reportage

I was up in Santa Cruz the past 4-5 days and wanted to help out anyone who find themselves in the area.

For Breakfast we went to

- Cafe Brasil: twice. I had a delicious Feijoada plate with the first farofa I have liked, orange segments, rice, & vinagarete and fried yucca. Friend had the cocota with eggs. Second time the acai bowl which is formidable but the acai is cut with seems to be apple juice. May sound crazy but they also have the best banana pancakes I have ever-tasted and a great fritada. Delicious Pilao coffee do brasil.

- Paula's: Delicious, simple breakfast food.

- Verve Coffee - AMAZING coffee, and cappuccino

For Lunch

- El Palomar: Antithesis to the the steamed, grey mystery carne asada you can find readily available in SD berto's shops. Homemade tortillas and real Azada. Great option downtown.

- Cafe Fina In Monterey Fishermans wharf. Sand Dabs were tasty if a little undercooked. BBQ Sardines good but not noteworthy. Clam chowder was superior. Calamari way overbattered and seasoned. Local Monterey Bay wheat beer and view were the best parts:

-Parker Lusseau for Canneles de Bordeaux

- Sushi on the Run in Aptos - a place that best reflects beauty of simplicity - the most memorable and delicious traditional sushi I have had that I can remember. I can still taste the exquisite uni and tobiko with quail egg.

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  1. kare_raisu, so glad you tried Sushi on the Run, Masa-san has the best sushi in SC, he used to have a big sit down place in Capitola, Masayuki's. I had my first ever awabi kimo there, but eventually he lost the lease after ten years and wanted to spend more time with his family. I haven't seen him since I was last up there, four years ago, glad to hear he is still thriving in that little spot!

    1. I am so bummed we did not eat at sushi on the run while there.

      We drove past it numerous times, and I had a good feeling about it, but we just never went in.

      1. Thanks for your report, kare_raisu! Sounds like you spanned the coast. I haven't been to Cafe Brasil in ages, but perhaps I'll go next week when UCSC is on spring break. Verve coffee is very good. I'm glad you appreciated the simplicity of Sushi on the Run. I will have to try the tobiko w/ quail egg sometime. I love the mackerel, and his sushi rice is the best. I will also have to try the chicharrones from Mi Pueblo in Watsonville.

        It's reports from visitors like you that remind us locals of the gems that are out there! Thanks again.