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Mar 11, 2009 01:34 PM

rye whiskey

living up here in Pennsylvania I am planning a little trip over the Mason Dixon Line in search of rye whiskey. Lots of places carry Pikesville but I am looking for some Rittenhouse. Maybe in the Hunt Valley - Cockeysville-Timonium area?


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  1. There is a blog called the Baltimore Beer Guy, and the author created Google maps showing good liquor stores. He is concentrated on beers, but I assume that liquor stores with large beer selections will tend to have large whiskey selections. At a minimum, you could call to ask. Check out his blog or the Google map of Baltimore liquor stores:

    1. Looked up the online listings for Beltway Fine Wines

      & Wells Discount Liquors

      Neither one shows Rittenhouse but I would still make a visit as both have a very large selection of Spirits, Wines & Beers.

      1. The distributor for Rittenhouse is Reliable-Churchill, you may want to contact one of the bigger retailers to make sure they have it, or perhaps they can order it for you from said wholesaler.