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Mar 11, 2009 01:31 PM

Something Different for Saturday Night

Jfood is finally going back to NOLA next week and is looking for something different.

He already booked Brigtsen's (Fri) and Commander's (Sun dinner) and is looking for something a little more casual and mid-range in price for Sat dinner.

He has tried the following with some results:

Stella - Bad experience, he understands many have had way better times
Nola - Not Returning
K-Paul - Not Returning

Although he would love to try Bayona or August or Cuvee, he may look to something a little more local. Understand he loves the fish in NOLA and will probabaly do a triple-fish for his entrees on the three nights. Likewise Mrs jfood and little jfood will be with.

He was thinking of Dantes Kitchen for the third night or something in that category. Is he being silly by not going to Bayona or August?

BTW - A hamburger and shake at Cemellia and beignets at CDM are being viewed as a snack.

Any lunch places as well in the quarter would be helpful. The jfoods will probably be looking for some artwork to bring home.


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  1. The 2 new places I plan to try next week on my annual pilgrimage are EAT and Restaurant Stanley...several folks have reviewed / discussed them here.

    I may see you there!

    1. + 1 EAT

      Also I love ONE Restaurant in the Riverbend. They have a bar you can sit at and watch the chefs cook.

      1. Other new restaurants that have been getting some talk are Boucherie and Coquette. Boucherie has been discussed a lot on the boards. I went to Coquette for lunch today and it was very nice. The dining room was open and airy dining room and you can tell they've put a lot of thought into their dishes. They also had an interesting cocktail menu. Since I had to return to work, I tried the "Hannah Montana" -- fresh-squeezed lemonade with blueberry/pomegranate puree :)

        1. Without a doubt Boucherie. It's the best new joint in town, imo. We loved it and can't wait to go back.

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            Casamentos is as local new orleans as it gets try the oyster loaf outstanding. And you might want to try Feelings Cafe 2600 Chartres at franklin ave. locals love the place in the marigny.

          2. wow, it's a popular weekend! We'll be there as well, and our plans include an (almost) head to head, slighly post- St Joseph's Day/Lenten challenge of Mandina's vs Liuzzas on two consecutive days.

            You know, I love the food at Bayona, but after a couple of times I am just not inspired to eat there anymore. ( I live in Houston, where we have a lot of great regional 'new american' but bad second-hand creole, so maybe that's it. I get googly for real creole in New Orleans) Have not been to August. (but Luke's is very good). Dante's wasn't all that great for a Saturday brunch, so I'm not sure I'd recommend for dinner. I really like Irene's for dinner, especially if you've been busy and (if you are staying there) don't want to travel out of the quarter for dinner. It's a nice space with good service, reasonably priced. Very tasty seasonal fish/shellfish specials.

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            1. re: superk

              i wasnt impressed w/ Dante's brunch, either. i mentioned this to a friend who lives nearby it and he said the dinners are better.

              ill give it another shot.