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Mar 11, 2009 01:21 PM

Pampas do Brasil Chula Vista

They will be opening 'approxiamente' on a storefront on Broadway just south of the mall. This is the Brazilian steakhouse that is located in TJ and rumored to be much better than Rei do Gado.

Just a little further south is the new Don Rafa which purports to be a Birria and Menudo specialist.

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  1. Almost a year later the place is now open - its affiliated with the Mexican chain.

    1. I visited the Mr Pampas at Tijuana and it was really excelentt, salad bar very nice and all kind of vegetables, soups and fruits, waiters came by every 3 min offering all kinds of meats and even they have live music..all fantastic ,so I decided to 'save' time ( crossing the border back to US ) So I took my family to have lunch at the Mr Pampas Chula Vista , I tought since it has same name... then same service ( Like fast food type same service quality, cost etc .) But Wowww how disapointment , It was an ugly unconfortable experience, ! I had to wait 5 min until a waiters came by to offer me the first meat, The meat was very dry,cold and almost charcoal burned and he came back after another 5 min... so it was really a waste of money and time!! , I can have a better service, time, cost, quality at Home Buffet, IHOP or Apple bees, , at a half of the price. in the Tijuana place we eat 4 person and they charged about $98 USD and in the Chula Vista we eat 3 person and they charge us $ 105 , So If you feel like having some 'Brazilian' restauratnt experience in Mr Pampas Chula Vista... think about it next time...I will rate (-) minuis 1 star