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Mar 11, 2009 01:15 PM

Off The Strip Las Vegas

Will be meeting up with family in Vegas for a few days this fall. I've been or Rosemary's (very good) what else is not to be missed off the strip?

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  1. Elena's fillipino food has a branch in LV (try the lechon kawali). Also, there is supposed to be an excellent Thai rest. off the strip. I don't remember the name, but I want to guess Star of Siam.

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      You're probably thinking of Lotus of Siam. Great food in a ratty strip mall. If you go for lunch, skip the buffet. You need reservations for dinner. We really like the Tom Kah Kai soup -- also the Nua Sao Renu (charbroiled beef) from the specials menu, pictured here:
      Lots of posts about this restaurant on the board with other opinions.

      Lotus of Siam
      953 E Sahara Ave Ste A5, Las Vegas, NV 89104

    2. Rosemary's is still a solid choice. We also like Todd's Unique & Vintner Grill. Lotus of Siam is the best thai in town. If your adventurous check out Raku for amazing japanese small plates.

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        Thank you. I'm heading up my list with your suggestions. Any recommendations for Bar-b-que and Mexican? I went to a Mexican restaurant years ago around the 2700 block of E. Desert Inn, but someone told me it burned down. Your thoughts for these two cuisines?

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          The mexican place on Desert Inn is Lindo Michoacan. Pretty sure that location is still open. I believe the family runs multiple restaurants. There's Bonito Michoacan on S. Decatur, Viva Michoacan on W. Sunset & another Lindo way out on W. Flamingo. I've been to all but the W. Flamingo location, all good choices for mexican. Viva Mercados on S. Rainbow is my current favorite. BBQ - I like Lucille's at Green Valley ranch shops & Memphis BBQ - multiple locations.

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            Lindo Michoacan is still going strong. There was a fire there but reopened a couple years ago. I still like LM for goat and tongue. For more basic fare, I think La Mexicana, at 3675 S Decatur Blvd is stronger, IMO, but it's got no waiter service or liquor.

        2. Lindo is very good...but in another post I talked about La Madonna. It's the best mexican in town. Just about a year is off the chart good. As I said before...if you like refried beans, cheap rice and too much cheese...then this is not the place for you. If you like authentic flavors, sometimes with a little's a must.

          6115 Fort Apache

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            La Madonna is a solid choice. Great food, and the service is excellent.

          2. Vintner Grill is really good, as is Sedona. Both have great patios for to dinner and/or drinks that must be taken advantage of in this amazing weather we have had lately! Sedona does half price bottle of wine on Tuesday, which rocks. Firefly over by the Hard Rock on Paradise Rd is fantastic for tapas and sangria.