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Advice please

barriethetty Mar 11, 2009 12:12 PM

I'm working on a birthday party for my 3 year old...there will be many more adults than kids there and we want great food. We looked into Kogi catering - while the cost of food was reasonable the cost of the truck ($1000 extra, non-negotiable) was prohibitive. We used a taco catering guy last year who was great but wondering if anyone out there had any ideas for great food for an outdoor venue? thanks

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    Losmith Apr 27, 2009 02:36 PM

    Hi there:

    Just curious, who did you use for the taco catering party? I am looking for recommendations (I have already searched the boards on CHOW), because the guy I used in the past has raised his prices significantly.

    Please let me know! Thanks!

    1. Hughlipton Mar 11, 2009 12:55 PM

      Outback Catering in the valley used to have great deals on their hot dog carts and sundae carts. I'm certain you will find them on Google. They are not related in any way to Outback Steakhouse.

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        schrutefarms Mar 11, 2009 12:15 PM

        Just went to a party last week that was catered by Notley Que BBQ team. AMAZING FOOD!!!!! Brisket, pulled pork, BBQ spaghetti, salad, ribs, even grilled tofu on request for the vegetarians. Don't know their email, just google Notley Que and I'm sure you'll find it. If BBQ sounds good, that is.

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          Professor Salt Mar 11, 2009 01:22 PM

          Gary Notley's a friend of mine from the competition circuit. I know the event you attended.

          Be advised that Notley's based in Northern San Diego county.Can't speak definitively for Gary, but his travel time will probably add to your budget.


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