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Mar 11, 2009 11:58 AM

Good food AND good margaritas in Sunset Park?

I'm a new fan of eating at Tacos Matamoros in Sunset Park and know that, now that I've discovered it, I'll be going there frequently -- especially when I'm really missing Mexico. (No, I"m not Mexican, but I really love Mexico.) TM has inexpensive good food and we can bring our own beer if we want to, but.....

There are sometimes....okay, lots of times, when I'd like to have some good margaritas with that good Mexican food. I know there are lots of taquerias, bakeries for tortas, cemitas, etc and street food in Sunset Park that I have yet to fully explore. And I know that there are threads here on Chowhound discussing some of those places and I'm searching and reading through them.

But my specific question is this: Is there anyplace in Sunset Park that has good, inexpensive Mexican food AND good margaritas (preferably inexpensive too)?

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  1. Kitchop...
    That's a tough one. Most Sunset Park restaurants featuring the kind of food/price you've described cannot carry the expense of a liquor license. Once they do, they usually have to ramp up the prices Maybe better to eat inexpensively and then hit a bar/lounge for drinks using all the money you've saved on dinner. :-}

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      Where is TM?, I work at Lutheran Hospital, that would be a good place for lunch. If you like a good rotisserie chicken, there's los politos on 4th and I'm pretty sure 59-60th and good pernil at the international on 5th and I believe 44th. Tomorrow we're taking a drive up to Ba Xuyen for a Bahn Mi, never had one.

      1. re: BonnieB.

        Tacos Matamoros is on Fifth Ave at 45th Street.

        Another Los Pollitos just opened recently on 3rd Ave in Bay Ridge. I think it's the fourth one to open, the others being in Park Slope on Fifth and I think Fort Greene? I've only been to the Park Slope one once. Is the 4th Ave at 59th St the original Los Pollitos? I know the Park Slope one has a liquor license. What about the other three Los Pollitos? Do they have liquor licenses too -- or just chickens? ;-)

        And speaking of chickens.....How does Los Pollitos serve their rotisserie chickens? I would love to find a "flat" grilled chicken, seasoned like it was made in Mexico and served with rice, beans, tortillas and salsa. There must be a place in Sunset Park where I can find a Mexican-style flat chicken. Is that Los Pollitos or someplace else?

        1. re: Kitchop

          Los Pollitos on 4th I believe is the original, they have a newspaper clipping in the store critiquing the place. I didn't know there were so many of them. They just do rotisserie chicken, not flat and some other food too. they have rice and beans, maduros which are like banana candy. Tell you the truth I'm not sure about liquor, I usually just take out, the place is tiny.

          1. re: Kitchop

            The Los Pollitos in Sunset Park closed, and has been replaced by a peruvian rotisserie chicken and ceviche place. Haven't eaten there yet.

        2. re: Tay

          Well, that's one possibility -- eat first and then drink. Or I can plan another trip to Mexico. ;-) I do understand the dilemma you describe, but I also do so love to drink ritas with good Mexican food. Even though I understand the liquor license expense seems like there is a gaping hole to be filled by someone. The food doesn't have to be dirt cheap, but I'd like it to be good and as authentic and down to earth as possible with no Park Slope vibe. I'd just like a very simple Mexican restaurant with good, not too expensive food and a good pitcher of margaritas. I even want them to serve them by the pitcher. Sigh. I guess I just have to go back to Mexico again (such a hardship, I know!). I guess when there's something I want that seems to be missing, I want some entrepreneur to come along and provide it. But I guess sometimes it's not there because it's too hard to do financially. Still....I have to believe it's possible.

          1. re: Kitchop

            Doesn't Tacos Nuevo Mexico on 11th and 5th have a full bar? There are plenty of Park Slope people eating there, but no Slope vibe otherwise. Food is, of course, nowhere near as good as Tacos Matamoros (Carne Asada Cemitas=beyond delicious) but better and less Americanized than standard Margarita/melted cheese type places.

            1. re: Kitchop

              there are more full service type hispanic restaurants in the area that you may want to explore but I am not sure they are mexican - the dilemma is that the sunset park demographic is working class hispanic, not yuppie, and priced to match. A typical chowhound dilemma it seems to me.

              1. re: jen kalb

                Thanks. I'm really just getting started exploring Sunset Park. Tacos Matamoros was the very first place I went. Was I just lucky to find that one first? Because I loved it. But I'll definitely take a look at any other latin restaurants that are not specifically Mexican (Ecuador, Peru, etc). I'm defintely looking for places with more of a working class and inexpensive vibe, not an expensive pretentious yuppie vibe. When I got off the B63 at 39th St, I took a peek into Maria's Bistro but it didn't look like what I was looking for. So I kept walking until I came to Tacos Matamoros. And when I saw how many Mexican locals were eating there and that the place was full, I went in. And I'm very glad I did. But lots of working class people I know drink -- I'm not picky about what kind of tequila they make my margaritas with. And if they had cheap margaritas, I wouldn't mind if they had to raise the food prices a little. I guess it is hard to run an inexpensive, working class restaruant with a liquor license in this city though, isn't it? Still.....

            2. re: Tay

              I'm very happy to report that Tacos Matamoros now serves margaritas! It's a very recent development. They're good too. The first time I had one (okay, I had more than one) they were $5. The next time, within the week, they were $6. I guess they're still trying to work out how much to charge for margaritas. This is a new development. Just happened sometime in the last week or so. They're liquor license seems to be limited. They are only serving margaritas and pina coladas. No beer as far as I know. It's usually the other way around with limited licenses -- beer but no margaritas.

              I loved Matamoros before and now I love it even more.

              1. re: Kitchop

                Kitchop - great news!

                I used to live in Brooklyn and I LOVED some of the local restaurants in Sunset Park. Some really great food. I'm in Jersey City now, which does have a few such places, but the food is not as good.

                I just hope the liquor license doesn't attract the yuppies now

                1. re: NellyNel

                  I hope the margaritas don't attract the yuppies either. I've been to Matamoras several times since they started serving margaritas and there are still plenty of local working class Mexican neighborhood people along with some of us gringos -- All of us now happily drinking margaritas with our good, inexpensive Mexican food. They seem to have a thriving business going. Hopefully, they won't risk ruining it by pricing out their core customers. It would not be the same place if they replace the locals with yuppies. The real and special atmosphere would be gone.

            3. Great to see Tacos Matamoros getting the love they deserve... why don't you just make up a pitcher and bring it in a thermos? They ain't gonna care, believe me.

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              1. re: Flaco

                Now that's what I call problem solving!!! I never thought of doing that but, when you think about it, if they are fine with us bringing our own beer -- why would they care if we bring our own margaritas? We'd still order up lots of food and maybe even some coffee later before we head out. And, of course, tip generously. I never thought of BYOB as being able to bring my own margaritas. Not as easy as bringing beer or wine, but it would be nice to have a few ritas with Tacos Matamoros food.