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Mar 11, 2009 11:53 AM

Doughnuts in Roanoke!

Has anyone been to Blue Collar Joes??? It's a new doughnut store (actually in Daleville). Homemade custom made doughnuts with all kinds of exotic flavors. My absolute fav was the North meets South...blueberry doughnut with maple glaze and bacon bits. Sounds odd....tasted delish!!! I loved the chocolate cookie crumb flavor also. They had sandwiches and wraps but 2 donuts and a latte were enough for me.

It's nice to see new businesses opening in this crazy economy!

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  1. Thank you. We drive that way fairly often and it sounds like a good place to break the drive. (Their website pictures look really good.)

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    1. re: shallots

      I guarantee you it will make the drive go faster!!!!

    2. Thanks for this post! I'm always looking (and posting) for good doughnut shops. I'll put this one on my list of places to try!

      1. We went back again yesterday on our way down 81 and this place is better than we remembered it! There are so many great flavors of doughnuts it was hard to choose. We also picked up a few sandwiches for the road and the chicken salad was fantastic. We especially loved the new Bling Bling doughnuts with the crunchy sprinkles and the Botetout Bog was just as chocolately as we remembered. It is great to see a small store make such fantastic treats. So much better than Dunkin Doughnuts.

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          They are good donuts, with an incredible variety of toppings, and the service is very helpful explaining all the choices. The only downside is that they only make cake donuts. For some really good yeast donuts you should try Salem Donuts in nearby Salem.

        2. Great find! Finally an alternative to chains, chains, chains on that part of I-81.

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            Blue Collar Joe's served it's last donut on St Patrick's Day. It is now closed.

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              Yes, I stopped in for my last Botetourt Bog a couple of days before. Also Salem Donut is now mostly a Veg shop.

              That leaves Carol Lee in Blacksburg.

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                We'll miss them. Thanks for the heads up.