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Mar 11, 2009 11:41 AM

Veggie/meat yin yang in N. VA?

I'm in a mixed couple; my girlfriend is a disciplined vegetarian while I remain stubbornly omnivorous. We've worn paths to Busboys and Luna Grill for their balanced menus and she's eaten her fill of meatless pizzas and noodles and Asian cuisines. Any tips out there for a fresh spot that has wide, creative options on either side of the green divide? Prefer leads in Northern Virginia, but will wander.

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  1. Have you had Burmese? Try Myanmar. Your girlfriend should go for the ginger salad, tomato tofu, and fritters. For you, add the pork with fresh mango, mutton curry. Long list of phenomenal, highly unusual salads.

    Eyo is an Italian/ Ethiopian restaurant S. of Columbia Pike on George Mason. They make an appetizer which is injera dipped in shiro then toasted, very amazing. They also serve decent pastas so you can really mix it up with the Ethiopian vegetarian selections.

    1. Raaga on Rte. 7 in Bailey's has a large vegetarian section - bigger than most S. Indian places, with dishes like Tandoori Tofu - and all the usual standards as well.

      Another place for cheap casual eats along the lines of Busboys and Luna is Hard Times, in Clarendon and Old Town...they have veggie chili and veggie burgers, and therefore almost the whole menu is veg-friendly.

      1. Have you tried Sunflower? It's vegetarian but my meat loving husband likes it. Creative options for meat eaters. There is one in Vienna, the original, and one in Falls Church, much more spacious. There's also Aladdin's for middle eastern-ish food. Good vegetarian options. There is one in Burke, one in Shirlington.

        1. I think Middle Eastern food in general is very amenable to the veggie/meater debacle. Although I don't really care for Alladin's, but there are a lot of good options around Arlington, Lebanese Taverna, Laylinya etc.

          I will probably get booed for this, but I actually think Clyde's has some good veggie options, I love their portabello-veg sandwich enough to order it over other things, and they have some other good stuff, particularly their brunch menu has a good mix.