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Mar 11, 2009 11:35 AM

Place for Lunch near Convention Center 3/16

Looking for some place close by to take out of town foodies after Boston Seafood Show with the parade sun/ St.Paddy's tues All attending are meat and seafood lovers for this gathering ...Dont need the big name places maybe a hidden fav among the locals or some place that I'm not aware of since my last vist..Thanks Chow

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  1. During the show if you want to sneak away for lunch, Sportello is within walking distance, and is the new Barbara Lynch place.

    1. The attached link is to a restaurant guide for an event held at the Convention Center last month, and should be helpful. (I can't take any credit - or criticism - for its contents). Some of it may be out of date, as that is actually the 2008 version. It was totally revamped immediately prior to the 2009 event, but that is not currently available online.

      And the following was an addendum to the above:

      "There are new area restaurants for you to try. Two are in the hotel: M.J. O'Connors, an Irish-style pub and the sleek and sophisticated City Bar .

      Others are within a fifteen minute walk: from chef and restaurateur, Barbara Lynch, there's Drink and Sportello; there's also restaurateur Michael Schlow's 606 , easy to find at 606 Congress St. in the Renaissance Hotel; and for those hankering a steak, there's a Morton's Steakhouse."