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Mar 11, 2009 11:26 AM

Prune Butter?

Hi there,

Just received an email from a neighbor looking for Prune Butter for his Sister.. Yup, a round about way. In any event.. Would you know what this is and where to purchase said Prune Butter. South Bay places are a big plus.. Thanks!

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  1. Wholesome Choice has it for certain sure, but Jons Markets used to carry it. If you can't find it as "prune butter" try "lekvar".

    1. Ralphs used to carry the Solo brand but I went to three stores at Christmas and none of them had it.

      Sometimes kosher places carry (labeled lekvar usually) it but again, I had to go to four stores before I found it. I think I ended up at Elat, which only points out the delicousness of the cookies made with said prune butter. I don't even like driving by Elat.

      1. so, purim time in 2010 and just wanted to thank you all for this post from last year - struck out on the eastside trying to find lekvar at whole foods or gelson's but per you recs confirmed that Jons in Glendale has it and will zip by there tomorrow evening. And learned from a friend that his family source is C & K importing (aka "the greek") in LA. Happy Purim to all.

        1. oh but it's sooo easy to make at home! heat them up with some water until they're plump. even boil and simmer for a while. cool it off a bit, maybe drain out some liquid and blend.
          for fun you could use orange or lemon juice, spices such as clove, cinnamon, nutmeg or allspice.