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Mar 11, 2009 11:25 AM

Baja Bound - Looking for restaurants/taco stands in or on the way to San Quintin and San Ignacio

My husband and I are driving down to San Ignacio to see the gray whales and are looking for some great food along the way. We'll be staying in San Quintin and San Ignacio and driving down Highway 1. We drove down in December and found a fantastic taco stand in Colonet just north of San Quintin called Brasilliera. Long lines of locals and fantastic carne asada, fresh cut puerco.

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  1. It has been a couple of years since I drove down but I recall a great seafood restaurant in Guerrero Negro, called Malarrimo. I had some decent meals, believe or not, at the restaurants of the chain hotel, Desert Inn, in San Quintin, Catavenia and San Ignacio.

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      1. Restaurante Malarrimo in Guerrero Negro is touted by the Moon Baja Handbook and other guides as the best restaurant in that part of Baja. That's probably true—but that doesn't mean very much. We usually eat there on the drive from the border to Los Cabos because it's about as far as you can reasonably get in a day starting from Tijuana or Ensenada. My wife's trip notes describe the fish as "fresh" and "pretty good"—but I'd say it was bland and uninteresting, but very edible. (And it's the only decent place to eat in the area that I know of.)

        San Ignacio is a very nice town and there are many things to see and do in the immediate area, but I've never found a restaurant or a hole-in-the-wall/taco stand that I could honestly recommend.

        Once you leave the Ensenada/Valle de Guadalupe area it's "slim pickin's" (for good/interesting food) until you get to Mulegé/Loreto (and further south).

        But boring, mediocre Mexican food eaten while you are on vacation in Mexico tastes SO much better than it would anywhere else. (It's all in the mind, not the tastebuds.)

        1. Thanks for the suggestions. Having just been down there - San Remedio in Guerrero Negro is excellent and suprisingly fancy for that part of Baja. Their traditional mexican dishes (carne asada, enchiladas, etc.) was delicious as was their seafood (scallops in garlic sauce and halibut). They have some great family wines that they're happy to bring to your table to share with you and discuss in broken Spanish/English. Also, I was off on the taco stand - It is Briseida - at the south end of Colonet San Vicente on the west side of the road. It's a red overhang with a van and long lines of locals waitng for carne asada, puerco and other delicious meat tacos con queso with a large table of topings. I agree that the La Pinta (now Desert Inn) hotel chain has pretty good food - especially their breakfasts. The San Quintin Desert Inn makes a mean rojo salsa - they need to make that standard at all of their hotels.

          1. theres a very good seafood stand just south of Rosarito off the toll road at the 2ND pemex exit. if i'm counting correctly it's the 4th and final of the Rosarito exits. after exiting it's a scant block south BAJA TACO JRS. it has a big blue sign and is on the west side of the free road. order the house specialty 'Quesarron'- a cheese and shrimp taco.
            more 'easy on/ easy off ' than a macdonalds.