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Mar 11, 2009 10:57 AM

La Morra for Restaurant Week?

Anyone tried them? I love this place in general but had a very disappointing meal there this past Valentine's Day (yeah, yeah, I know, don't go to a restaurant on a holiday - but it's La Morra, I thought they'd keep it together) so now I'm wondering if I'd be in for more of the same during Rest. Week.

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  1. Ate there for RW two years ago, and it was quite good. If I remember correctly they actually did 4 courses instead of 3.

    1. Just went there last week for the fitst time - a prearranged dinner with a fixed 4 course menu. Evrything was absolutely perfect right down to the bread. I was very impressed.

      1. I wouldn't go there just cuz they do that great fixed price deal all the time. It should bed good tho.

        1. Some friends and I went for RW last year and there were definitely four courses. The meal was pretty good although not really memorable a year later! What I do remember is that the service was extremely slow. We were there for well over two hours and it was not because we were lingering over our food. It was a weeknight and we were exhausted!

          1. I went in August- it was ok. Some dishes were really good- others were either extremely over, or under seasoned. It was 4 courses though, and we elected to do the wine flight with it- overall a good experience....