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La Morra for Restaurant Week?

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Anyone tried them? I love this place in general but had a very disappointing meal there this past Valentine's Day (yeah, yeah, I know, don't go to a restaurant on a holiday - but it's La Morra, I thought they'd keep it together) so now I'm wondering if I'd be in for more of the same during Rest. Week.

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  1. Ate there for RW two years ago, and it was quite good. If I remember correctly they actually did 4 courses instead of 3.

    1. Just went there last week for the fitst time - a prearranged dinner with a fixed 4 course menu. Evrything was absolutely perfect right down to the bread. I was very impressed.

      1. I wouldn't go there just cuz they do that great fixed price deal all the time. It should bed good tho.

        1. Some friends and I went for RW last year and there were definitely four courses. The meal was pretty good although not really memorable a year later! What I do remember is that the service was extremely slow. We were there for well over two hours and it was not because we were lingering over our food. It was a weeknight and we were exhausted!

          1. I went in August- it was ok. Some dishes were really good- others were either extremely over, or under seasoned. It was 4 courses though, and we elected to do the wine flight with it- overall a good experience....

            1. We also went last summer for RW, 4 courses, ok not memorable. I have preferred RW dinners at Mistral and PIgalle much more than La Morra. In general, I find La Morra inconsistant in general.

              1. Just went for their "big night" dinner. Food was great but it was very poorly organized and mismanaged. The chef was very friendly and took time to speak with us on numerous occasions. I would try it again in a normal setting though.

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                  I do like the place normally, I was just dubious about doing it this week, and the consensus seems to be, give it a pass. We've booked at Locke Ober instead.

                2. This past weekend, we went to La Morra, near Brookline Village for Restaurant Week. It's a bit late, but this should give you insight into future RW years. The best part is the whole menu was available for RW, no limited menu here. Here's the skinny...

                  * Location - 48 Boylston Street, Brookline.
                  * Reservations - Recommended, but unclear if it really matters.
                  * Parking - Street or valet for $8.
                  * Ambience/Decor - The restaurant is on two floors. The first is rather cramped with a small bar. The second is also small, but there are more tables. It is rather cozy, but there is hardly any space for waiting, which could be crucial (see below).
                  * Drinks - Wine flight for $15.09 (four glasses), not a bad deal. Exclusive to Restaurant Week though.
                  * The Food/Menu - Northern Italian and small plates.
                  * Cost - Could be pricey, but restaurant week prices made it reasonable.

                  Here's the issue - we had a reservation for 8:45 P.M. We decided to make it on the later side so our friends could put their kids to sleep, then we'd head over to dinner. By then, we expected to be starving ... we were.

                  Our friends got there early, around 8:30, and were told it would just be a few minutes. My hubby and I got there right on time and we continued to wait ... we even had to split up as there wasn't much space to stand. The guys headed over to a cramped corner by the bar and us girls stood by the door. Around 9:15 the hostess brought us a few Cicchetti (Venetian style tapas) on the house, to tide us over. That was very nice of her ... but we still continued to wait. At around 9:30, the hostess very apologetically brought us another round of Cicchetti and we were seated shortly thereafter.

                  The Result? The food was absolutely delicious. Don't miss the the Fried Sage Leaves, Risotto Balls, Tuscan Meatballs and Fried Olives. The Roasted Cod with Twice Fried Artichokes was perfectly cooked and seasoned - the artichokes provided the perfect accompaniment, and the Pork Batutto was done perfectly. We also give La Morra a nod for using fresh, seasonal, local ingredients.

                  The only thing that makes us pause is the long wait. Management was as courteous as can be, even offering us all a free round of dessert wine as another attempt to make up for the delay, but a wait is still a wait. We hope that the long wait was a result of overbooking for Restaurant Week, so we are willing to test the waters again. We are also intrigued by their Sunday Night Suppers, where for $25 (adults) and $12.50 (children under 12), diners get four full courses served family style.

                  Kristina Y.