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Mar 11, 2009 10:51 AM

Caterers in the Durham Region

Just wondering if anyone has had experience with caterers in the Durham area. I'm specifically looking at one for a wedding, but am interested in all experiences.

Would be specifically interested in hearing anything about the following caterers:

Kings Court in Bowmanville
Pelican in Oshawa
Bunny's in Oshawa

Although would still be interested in hearing about other.


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  1. Go with Kings Court, there are others of course - King's Court does an excellent job. The last two I haven't heard the best reviews lately. I have heard good things about King's Court though.

    1. We examined all three for our wedding and went with Pelican -- ownership changed just over two years ago and the new owner/chef Kumar went above and beyond the call the duty.

      Went for a tasting at Kingscourt -- mediocre food -- the tasting was in the kitchen and we had to sit by all the food supplies -- was not impressed with all the pre-packaged food (like Knorr gravy mixes).

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          1. I had an awful experience with Bunny's. The staff was rude, unable to provide correct information and unwilling to help us out after they provided us the wrong linens. The day before my wedding I contacted Bunny's three times to see about getting the proper linens (they gave me round, I needed rectangle) and they blew me off all three times. I had to rent linens from another vendor. Also during the wedding meal I realized they forgot to send out part of it. Well they didn't forget to send it out, they actually sent it to another venue. When we went to speak with them a few days later the owner tried to blame everyone else including me for the linen mistake. They also said they would show up only two hours before dinner to set-up, at this time the ceremony would already be over and they massacred my cake before they left so we were only able to serve certain pieces. They also charge extra for water and wine glasses.