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Mar 11, 2009 10:20 AM

granulated maple sugar in NYC?

does anyone know where i can buy granulated maple sugar in the nyc area? i bought some in montreal last year and have become addicted to eating it on my steel-cut oats for breakfast but am about to run out... i ordered some online but what came is not what i was expecting... the kind i like is small granules that are opaque (looks like this: -- but the price on this website is high and they're sold out anyway) but the ones that came in the mail were much larger granules (bigger than a peppercorn -- like the one on the left here: and much darker brown and translucent and i'm finding they don't have the same texture... i'd rather just buy more in a store where i can see what i'm getting than continue trying to find it online where bad jpegs don't give you a clear idea of what you're purchasing... any ideas?

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  1. I got a jar this summer at the Grand Army Plaza farmers market. I wish I could remember the stand--it was at the time in the offshoot area on the road in the park but if it's there now it would obviously be on the main drag. It was next to the mushroom guy I think. Maybe it had milk? Anyone know? In any case, it was mighty good.

    1. I just saw some at the Union Square Farmer's Market last..I believe it was Wednesday. They had big bags of it at the maple syrup stand.

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        oh great idea -- i will check it out! thanks!

        1. I picked some up at Zabar's a cpuple of years ago. Great stuff.

          1. The original comment has been removed