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Mar 11, 2009 10:15 AM

Dinner with Dad + friend

Have both my Dad and a friend in town for work and heading to dinner with them tonight - but no idea where to go. He did Zaytinya last night so I want to stay away from another tapas/mezzes type place and we're doing Georgia Brown's on Thursday night. Looking for the same level of place, in DC proper (preferably) with a good atmosphere as we might could possibly get a little loud and be laughing a lot. Area doesn't really matter too much - most convenient would be Chinatown / Penn Quarter. Thought about Ray's, but am looking for suggestions to keep it in the city...

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  1. What about Matchbox for pizza and beer?

    Or PS7 or Zola?

    If you want steak you could do BLT which is near Chinatown, or Capitol Grille or Charlie Palmer?

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      All great suggestions ktmoomau. I especially like Matchbox, Zola, and Charlie Palmer's.
      In Chinatown, I would also highly recommend of my favorite places, particularly if you guys are wine-people. Another good place in the area is Poste.
      Not sure of your price range, but the Source is fantastic and about a block or two away from the Penn Quarter metro. It is definitely high-end though, so only go if you want or are willing to spend a lot of money.
      Have a great time with your dad!

    2. how about dc coast or cieba