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Mar 11, 2009 10:03 AM

Pizza place with a private room in Brooklyn or Queens?

I'm planning a graduation party and I need a restaurant with a private room that can fit 15-20 people. And the kids want pizza, so I'm looking for a pizza place.

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  1. Try Dee's on Metropolitan Avenue in Forest Hills. They recently added a new room in back. I've also been to Cascarino's in College Point and Bayside for birthday parties.

    1. Try Pizzeria del Corso, on Ave U and Batcheldor Street. It's about 3 weeks old. The back room is clean, rustic and the food is excellent. So are the prices. The new owner is young and energetic.

      1. You can also try the House of Pizza and Calzone on Union St. in Carroll Gardens. They did a major renovation last year and have a fairly large back room that might work. Not private, but seems like plenty of space for a large group. Plus the pizza is quite good too.

        1. I've been to a few kid birthdays at Carmine's on Graham Ave in Williamsburg. Good pizza. Nice room upstairs with stereo, flat screen etc.

          Carmine's Pizzeria
          358 Graham Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

          1. Portobello Pizzeria in Astoria- 45th and Ditmars in the Laguardia Plaza. The pizza is delicious, and they have a lovely party room.