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Mar 11, 2009 09:59 AM

Best Hammentaschen?

I only know Moishe's, which is sometimes good, sometimes very stale. But now that it's hammentaschen time, do you know other sources?

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  1. I bought some yesterday at Orwashers...78th Street betwn 2nd & 1st Ave.

    They have 2 sizes...large ($3.00 each) and smaller (don't know the price)
    Apricot, prune and raspberry

    I microwave them for 30 sec...delicious

    btw, they have them year round

    1. The hamantashen I got from the Hungarian Pastry Shop were just OK. I liked the ones I got at Rive Gauche.

      Rive Gauche
      336 E 86th St, New York, NY 10028

      1. You're right about Moishe's. I have improved my results by always asking them whether they made them fresh today.

        1. I got two hammentaschen from Moishe's today, one giant mun (poppyseed) and one "prune danish hammentaschen". They were both fresh. Then again, if they weren't fresh today, they never would be. (Tis the season to eat'em!) The mun hammentaschen was traditional, in a cookie crust, and somehow I managed to eat the whole megillah. The prune danish hammentaschen was basically a prune danish folded into a triangle, but it wasn't bad. I hear they also have hammentaschen at 9th street bakery, but they were already closed, which brought my East Village hammentaschen crawl to an abrupt end.

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            Do you like 9th St. Bakery? I haven't been too impressed, but haven't been in a while, because of that. I think they, too, are inconsistent, but it's been a long time since anything I got there struck me as delicious. Then again, I suppose that maybe I was getting the wrong stuff.

            1. re: Pan

              I don't think I've ever gone there. Or maybe I went once and wasn't too impressed and never went back. Tonight I thought it would be fun to compare the local Hammentaschen. But in general, we have access to such good bakeries in this town there isn't much reason to eat second rate baked goods.

          2. The original comment has been removed