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Mar 11, 2009 09:40 AM

Gov. Stumpy's - Kansas City

I live near this place.
Can someone please explain what to order on the menu? I have been SO underwhelmed - I'm really not that picky but all the food looks like it came from a bag or something. Maybe I'm ordering the wrong thing....I've had fish & chips, and Ribs...Or, should I just move on ?
I'd love to support my local restaurant, but only to a point!

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  1. i also live near Stumpy's. let's see....i always order the cobb salad - it's pretty darn good. lots of freshly grilled chicken, avocado, bacon, veggies, blue cheese. otherwise i've had the reuben which was really good. burgers are good. hubby always orders the blt or veggie burger when he's feeling "healthy". seems i've have a chicken sandwich that was good. we go b/c the kids like it and we can have a beer. or when i'm craving the cobb salad.

    1. My cousin lives @Stumpy's and he'll be the first to say he'd rather drink his meal and he's not into food at all. I like the bartenders and the neighborhood vibe (Waldo). I say eat only after you've had a few.

      1. To me it's perfectly fine bar food, maybe a cut above the norm. I've had some kind of small steak special that was exactly what I wanted.

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          agreed, it is a cut above typical bar food.

        2. Thanks for your input! Sounds more like burger and beer - which is just fine - now I know! I at least look forward to sitting on that porch soon...

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            you're welcome - i think that's a good way to describe it.

          2. Definitely the burgers (simple bacon cheese burger is my favorite,) the chicken pesto pasta, the fresh tomato pizza, and the chicken fingers are all tasty is my book.