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Mar 11, 2009 09:31 AM

mishloach manot themes

what were some of the mishloach themes you received this year and what was in them? we got one that everything was green

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  1. the Stimulus package theme. everything with caffeine

    1. We got one where everything was gold.

      Most of what I got had a simple theme - Bag of junk food, what a waste!

      Here in the 5 towns they just introduced garbage recycling and gave all homes a yellow can with a green cover. What I wanted to get was small yellow containers with green covers. Then I would put a sticker on it that says "Recycle Only" and take mishloach manot that I recieved and simply empty them into my containers to, you guessed it, recycle them :)

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        lubavitch in west orange gave out expired meters - they put the food in the tube section connecting the meter and the base. They also sent out a summons for things like "talking during davening."

      2. A friend of mine gave out cowboy themed mishloach manot- a can of root beer, sunflower seeds, cowboy boot shaped sugar cookies, and 'cowboy crunch' (popcorn mix drizzled with chocolate. It was so adorable- and small amounts of everything so it wouldn't go to waste.

        1. My theme this year was Birkat Hachama.

          * Sundried tomatoes
          * Sunflower seeds
          * Sun chips
          * Sun Maid raisins
          * Sunkist (drink)
          * Sunkist (jelly)
          * a homentash because it's Purim.

          Packaging was a plastic basket that should be useful for all sorts of things during the year. 14 baskets were bright yellow, and the other 16 were white, both fitting with the theme.

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              Wow, we were exactly on the same page; Birchat ha'chama was my theme as well, but I did all homemade stuff. I made lemon cupcakes frosted with yellow frosting, and put little triangles of fruit leather so it looked like the sun. I also made sunflower-butter cookies (tasted just like peanut butter cookies), scones using sun-dried tomatoes, sunflower seed bars (similar to rice krispie treats with the addition of coconut and sunflower seeds, of course), and some muffins that had sunflower seeds among their ingredients. Sent it in a yellow bag and it was well received by all. 

              1. We used to more elaborate things, then I hit on peanuts in the bags like you get at baseball games and everyone loved it. We received some crap that we always throw out. My husband said we should just recycle, get the first one and then take it abpart and recycle and give it out to someone else.. Most of the stuff we get is inedible to us. We got a garbanza bean salad, a few peanuts, a few pieces of popcorn, a crappy apple,etc. I would rather not get anything and donate money to a charity.

                I know for me growing up we didn't give anything out. We just had our hamenstachen and went to services.

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                1. re: paprkutr

                  Of course you recycle; anything that comes in that you don't like goes out to someone who may. Anything you're stuck with at the end of the day goes to work the next day, or to the neighbours.

                  It's harder when you've got a tight theme, as I did this year; rather than mess that up, two people got bags of random stuff, which I hope they liked, and everyone else got the planned package, with perhaps some extra Sun Maid raisins. But in fact this year I didn't get much that I didn't want to keep. Last year's theme was looser (Shabbos groceries) so I could throw in more junk and just call it "dessert".

                  And giving shalach manos is just as important as hearing the megillah.