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Mar 11, 2009 09:27 AM

Irish pub/restaurant, Soho or Village

Looking for a place with character for a group of 12, early Sunday dinner (5:00 p.m.)

In Soho or East or West Village.

Pub is fine, if they have good food. Price should be medium range -- not too expensive, but doesn't have to be dirt cheap.

Any suggestions? Thought of McSorley's but not sure if there are enough food options there. If anyone knows, please tell.


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  1. Swift comes to mind. Their food isn't anything special. It's a pub, so the food is, well...pubby.

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    1. re: malibu

      I thought of Swift as well but the menu is extremely limited.

    2. haven't had the food but puck fair might work.

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        My first instinct was to say Puck Fair gets to be a crowded mess but it would work for 5 on a Sunday and the food is actually pretty good. Telephone Bar is another alternative.

        1. re: mch

          I haven't had the food at Puck Fair, either, but if it's as good as the food at it's sister bars, it is terrific pub grub. 5:00 pm on a Sunday should be fine for seating, otherwise Mr. Dennehy's in the West Village can accommodate large groups.

        2. Non exactly where you're looking and not exactly Irish but plenty of character - Old Town Bar

          1. I like the food at Mr. Dennehy's in the West Village (7th and Carmine). Nice folks.

            1. I like Tavern on Jane