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Mar 11, 2009 09:19 AM

Inexpensive dinner near the Scotia Bank/Paramount Theatre (Queen & John)

Looking for somewhere inexpensive near the Scotia Bank Theatre for dinner on Friday night. We're thinking something between fast food and a full-blown sit-down meal, ideally with some veg and/or organic options. (I know this is a tall order! All suggestions are welcome.)

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    1. The Queen Mother might be a good bet. I'm not crazy about the food, but for what they are it is not bad at all.

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      1. re: childofthestorm

        And it's relatively inexpensive and veggie friendly. Ginger a couple of doors over is good but more food court atmosphere. Super cheap, lotsa veg.

      2. I've been to Trimurti. I found it okay, not life changing, but many on the board love it. It may fit the bill and should have vegetarian options. The food came pretty fast and is reasonably priced. I could avoid the Crepe place because I had the mistake of having it once before a movie and it was exceptionally greasy.

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          Yeah, I've done the crepe place a couple times & really need to learn my lesson - dessert crepes are fine, but the dinner crepes are pretty flavourless. Too bad, 'cause it'd be a great option if it was better!

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            I recently ate at Trimurti based on recommendations from this board. The food was good, maybe 7/10. Service was slow and the food didn't arrive hot. Still I might give it another try. One nice thing about it was that the food wasn't greasy.

            1. Hadn't thought of the Queen Mother, for some reason - I'll look in to Ginger & Trimurti too.