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Inexpensive dinner near the Scotia Bank/Paramount Theatre (Queen & John)

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Looking for somewhere inexpensive near the Scotia Bank Theatre for dinner on Friday night. We're thinking something between fast food and a full-blown sit-down meal, ideally with some veg and/or organic options. (I know this is a tall order! All suggestions are welcome.)

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    1. The Queen Mother might be a good bet. I'm not crazy about the food, but for what they are it is not bad at all.

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        And it's relatively inexpensive and veggie friendly. Ginger a couple of doors over is good but more food court atmosphere. Super cheap, lotsa veg.

      2. I've been to Trimurti. I found it okay, not life changing, but many on the board love it. It may fit the bill and should have vegetarian options. The food came pretty fast and is reasonably priced. I could avoid the Crepe place because I had the mistake of having it once before a movie and it was exceptionally greasy.

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          Yeah, I've done the crepe place a couple times & really need to learn my lesson - dessert crepes are fine, but the dinner crepes are pretty flavourless. Too bad, 'cause it'd be a great option if it was better!

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            I recently ate at Trimurti based on recommendations from this board. The food was good, maybe 7/10. Service was slow and the food didn't arrive hot. Still I might give it another try. One nice thing about it was that the food wasn't greasy.

            1. Hadn't thought of the Queen Mother, for some reason - I'll look in to Ginger & Trimurti too.

              1. Jules on Spadina just north of Richmond would be my choice. Definitely a higher cost than Ginger, but more in the Queen Mother range. French menu with a $25 pre-fixe option and table service.

                147 Spadina Ave, Toronto, ON M5V2L7, CA

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                  it's been quite a long time since i've been to jules, but i remember liking it. are there any standout things items you would recommend?

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                    I really have enjoyed everything I've had there, but the Arrogant Burger is excellent as well as the steak sandwich. Generally I'm there at lunch as I work nearby, so haven't indulged in the prix fixe. Love the salad dressings and fries too!

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                    I love the Queen Mum. It's a go-to spot, for me. HoSu sushi (on Queen, just west of John) has delicious, really cheap sushi and other Japanese food. It's way cheaper than most places somehow. The ambiance is great, the service is quick, and the food is fantastic. The avocado rolls have massive pieces of perfectly ripe avocado in them... and I'm not kidding, you will be SHOCKED when you get the bill. Even if you totally overindulge.

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                      HoSu is a Korean/Japanese restaurant . I like their Stone pot rice "dolsot bibimbap" - the pot is heated to a high temp, then rice and veggies (plus beef if you want it) is added. The rice starts to sizzle and forms a crust. Excellent for a wintry day.

                      However this post mentions hygienic issues there

                  3. Trimurti or Little India if you're in the mood for Indian - I find the service at Trimurti to be slower but the food better. Just ask for the bill early.

                    Rivoli on Queen might fit the bill. The one meal I've had there was considerably better than the service and pad thai I had at Queen Mother last summer.

                    Fresh at Spadina and Richmond for veg/organic options and less of a sit-down atmosphere.

                    Ginger is incredibly cheap and decent considering its so close.

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                      My one experience at Ginger was awful. Utterly drab food. The only thing that made whatever I had, Asian, was that I added Asian condiments. Yuck. I'd rather eat at Subway to be honest.

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                        Trimurti is my choice too. Just tell them at the start that you're attending the theatre and what time you need to leave.

                        If Indian isn't your 'thing' then take a look at Tundra (in the Hilton) - they have a pre-theatre prix-fixe that's not bad.