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Mar 11, 2009 09:05 AM

Allen/Mckinney eats?

Just recently moved to Fairview (small town nestled between Allen and Mckinney) and I'm looking for good "foodie" places that are close by. My tastes are varied so I guess I'm just looking for any really good food around here. Thanks in advance for the replies.

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  1. I tried Little Sichuan last night and it was Great! Me and the woman went a little nuts wanting to try dishes so ended up ordering 4 things. The tea smoked duck was really good. Dan Dan noodles were incredible! We ordered the fresh special of the day too which was a chicken dish with a strange but delicious chinese lettuce I've never seen before. That fresh chicken/lettuce dish was our favorite! Last dish we ordered was the Cumin dried beef. That was my least favorite. Too much cumin... that's all i tasted. Three of the four were absolutely delicious tho and we'll be back for sure.

    Still looking for more foodie ideas in Allen/Mckinney. It can't be that dead up here can it?

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      It is good to hear they have that fresh "chinese lettuce" back on the menu. I have been waiting a year for it! I haven't been in several months to Little Sichuan but before I was a regular. Big tip always ask what is on that white board! The owner has a garden of his own in which he grows much of the vegetables used at the restaurant. It is probably my absolute favorite Chinese restaurant in all of Dallas because of that reason and that I like spicy foods.

      Cassis on Spring Creek and Alma is good for a nice non-alcoholic and non-coffee drink place.

      Also Jasmine Thai is one light to the West at Spring Creek and Custer has the best Thai food in Dallas.

    2. If you like Tapas/Spanish food-try Cafe Malaga in the historic area of Downtown McKinney. GREAT Food-the Gambas (Shrimp) and the Bacon Wrapped dates are truly addictive.

      For Good Tex-Mex try Aparicio's in Downtown McKinney, there is also a location in Downtown Plano. Some of the best Margarita's in the DFW area.

      For Cajun-try Dodie's-great spicy cole slaw and Cajun Favs:

      Poppy's Garden cafe is also a good bet for lunch or dinner-really nice to eat outdoors on a warm spring or summer night:

      1. Check out downtown McKinney if you haven't already. My favorite there is probably Cafe Malaga, Aparicio's is not too bad and Spoons might appeal to your wife. I always like San Miguel Grill on 380. There's a good bakery in Allen called Voila that's worth checking out, the bread is good, sandwiches are ok. Also close to Little Sichuan, check out Chito's which is across Legacy, same building as the Chevron. They make all their corn tortillas fresh to order. Make sure to hit up the McKinney farmer's market this summer.