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Mar 11, 2009 08:38 AM

Fresh calves liver; where can I buy it?

I've called several butchers in the Seattle and Bellevue area, but I cannot find fresh calves liver anywhere. A & J Meats sells it frozen, but it's not the same! Any thoughts?

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  1. Not knowing where you called in Seattle... I would try Don and Joe's, Fero or The Better Meat Company.

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    1. re: Lauren

      No on all three places. :-( At this point, I'm on a mission, so I'd travel within a 45 min radius of downtown for fresh calves liver!

    2. Wrong time of year, I think. Calves are just being born about now, not slaughtered.

      If you're really nice to the folks at Sea Breeze Farms, maybe you can work something out with them for a fresh liver later in the year?

      1. There's a vendor at the Ballard farmers' market who sells pasture-raised veal (not Sea Breeze). I don't remember the name of the farm, but I'll peek if I'm there this weekend. Maybe they'd do calves' liver. If that doesn't work out, I second the suggestion of talking to Sea Breeze and planning ahead.


        1. Not in the same league, but the only place I see calves liver has been West Seattle's Metropolitan Market....