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Mar 11, 2009 08:33 AM

Organic Restaurant Recommendations?

Does anyone have any restaurant recommendations that serves food made from organic ingredients?

Preferably just north of Toronto (midtown or York Region). But would consider downtown as well.

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  1. there's a restaurant in my neighbourhood called 'live' - spadina/dupont area. it's all organic/raw. and vegetarian. the menu is pretty unique, the drinks are very good, the mains are so-so and the desserts i actually really enjoy (given that it's organic/raw/vegan). cool dining area, good service, and the type of place you can bring your laptop too and chill out for awhile.

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      We actually went to True Restaurant in Yorkville. It's my first time going to an organic restaurant so I wasn't sure what to expect. I ordered a rack of lamb and it was very tasty! I guess the price was reasonable in the area. The atmosphere was nice too. Not sure if organic ingredients tastes any different...but to tastes the same as non-organic restaurants.

      1. re: dayna.e

        i went to true for brunch awhile back and was seriously disappointed so maybe it has improved. to me, it seemed like one of those concept restaurants that was about how it looked and not how it tasted (the neighborhood also makes me tres skeptical).

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          I have to agree with blindbunny. I went into True (not knowing that it was supposedly "all-organic") and I admit that the place looks great. But the food was only ok.

          I know that it is out of your area, but have you been to the junction lately? There are a few organic places opening up. There is Rawlicious (which I am assuming is similar to Live) as well as The Beet (and organic shop & cafe) There is also the Sweet Potato which is an organic grocery store, they did have a cafe/prepared food counter, but a friend of mine told me that they have removed it (haven't been in a while).

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        I will second Live Organic Food Bar, it is a pleasant experience and they make vegan and raw dining accessable...the food is delicious and filling and the servers are not afraid to explain how things are done if you are the inquisitive sort...