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eventide in clarendon?

we have reservations on friday night — has anyone been yet? know what's good and what ain't?

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  1. I haven't been, but Sietsema did a First Bite column on it just today.


    1. I walked by Eventide last night and was wondering the same thing!!! I peaked inside and the decor seemed nice (from what I could see) and it was definitely lively around happy hour. The menu looked good...looking forward to the replies.

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        Needs more time. I tried the bar food and cocktails. Drinks were too strong and not very tasty. Presentation of food and drinks were bland and unappetizing. Our server agreed with some of our disappointments which was odd. It felt rushed and not thoroughly thought through. They have a beautiful bar though. I hope the food upstairs is better! I will go back in a few months when they have had time to tweak the low points.

      2. just got back and were more impressed than the former diner, though we ate in the dining room and not in the bar.

        we started off with the scallops, which were fantastic — but the serving only came with one big scallop and one little scallop. Portion size was very disappointing. The buttermilk biscuits were divine — flaky, melt-in-your-mouth, everything a biscuit should be. Lobster tagliatelle had a generous dosage of lobster, think i had at least 8 bites plus four meatballs, tossed in a buttery sauce with a touch of lemon. The BF had the new york strip with fingerling potatoes and these incredible little pearl onions. his dinner was better than mine, but not by much. both of our entrees were very impressive.

        the best part was that the tables were all spaced out very well....we were at least four feet from our fellow diners on any side, and it was quite a relief. the food was good (not amazing) but that coupled with the roominess made for one comfortable meal. will probably be back.

        1. Let me start this off by saying, “I’ll never patronize this establishment again.” I went on a Friday evening to celebrate my birthday with two close friends. We had made 6:30 p.m. reservations and had planned to catch up, order a couple bottles of wine and enjoy ourselves.

          The two of us got there early and sat at the bar to enjoy cocktails. The cocktails were over priced and not very good! We let the hostess know that the third person in our party was running late and the hostess assured us that it wouldn’t be a problem (we were to alert her when our third person arrived). Fifteen minutes later, she did arrive.

          We were escorted to our table upstairs in the dining room. As we were settling into our table a man greeted us to say, “You were late getting up here, so we’re going to need you to move it along.” This had to be a joke, right? No, he was serious and he was the manager. This was not only off-putting to me, but the other two ladies that accompanied me. As we were leaving I told the man that his table was available. He explained that they had another party booked at 8:15 for our table and he would be happy to get us in and out in an hour. That’s right…an hour! Talk about indigestion and not being able to enjoy yourself knowing that you were being hurried along.

          Needless to say, we left and went to another restaurant where we could take our time, order appetizers, entrees, and two bottles of wine. We didn’t leave that place until 11:30 p.m. I did enjoy my birthday, but no thanks to Eventide!!!

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            I think there is something wrong with your timeline here.
            6:30 - Reservation/Let Hostess know others late
            15 minutes later other person arrives = 6:45

            If another part was booked for that table at 8:15 you would have 1-1/2 hours for your meal and had your party shown up on time you would have had 1-3/4 hours for your meal, which I think is a reasonable amount of time for a new place that is getting a lot of buzz.

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              i agree that the amount of time allotted was reasonable; however, the manager's handling of it was seemingly poor, by telling them to "move it along" before their meal even began. perhaps he should have let them enjoy their meal and if it was still approaching the deadline for the next table to arrive, he should have offered to move their party to the lounge downstairs or rooftop upstairs. maybe offer a free drink for the inconvenience or something? i don't know. i can see it from both sides.

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                I don't think your timeline is exactly right either, since the restaurant would not start getting a table ready for an 8:15 party at 8:15. And that is confirmed by what the manager said about getting them in and out in an hour.

                But rather than quibble about a few minutes either way, can we all agree that the manager was incredibly boorish? "We're going to need you to move it along"? Come on, that is hilarious.

                With treatment like that, I'm sure the buzz will dissipate quickly and people will be free to dawdle for as long as they want.

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                  I think there is more to this story then we are getting.

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                    There usually is and I would certainly hope so in this case.

                    I'm actually supposed to meet some friends at Eventide next Tuesday and I promise to post a report.

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                      Gee...do you ever wonder what the truth is when a first time poster flames a restaurant and never returns to defend what they have written?

            2. My wife and I had an enjoyable dinner there on Saturday night. Nice spacious dining room. Large booth table for the 2 of us with plenty of privacy. Good wine list.

              My wife enjoyed the lobster tagliatelle and my lamb loin was very good as well. I think it's worth checking out.

              1. My girlfriend (Sunny) and I went to Eventide for dinner tonight. Here is the report. We arrived promptly at 5:45 pm for our reservation. We were seated right away, but unfortunately we were seated a small table which happened to be right on top of a table, where the guests were very loud. I wanted an intimate quiet setting which I read Eventide was all about. We requested to move to a booth, which we were denied, the hostess informed us that they were all reserved. (More on that in a bit)

                The night started out terribly, were unable to switch to a booth and on top of things it took 15 minutes for us to get a waiter. Once our waiter came, he immediately shoved a wine list in my face, no greeting at all, only a wine list and the menu. As I am looking over the wine list our server walks away and the hostess comes up to us and says Angela will be our server, We have a confused look on our face, Our server comes back, I order a bottle of wine and we never hear about an Angela, (Sunny joked that this guy was only going to be our waiter if we got a bottle of a wine. After I order the bottle of wine The Sommelier speaks to the table next us, I would have loved to have received assistance from him but we had no idea this restaurant had a Sommelier. To my chagrin our server never asked us if we wanted to ask for his advice. ( I guess a 25 and 24 year old dont look the part) As I am tasting the wine, before I give the waiter the go ahead he starts to pour the wine in Sunny's glass, Fortunately the wine was very good, so I let things be and I didnt say anything, but this really upset me.

                The first course was a complimentary dish from the chef, it was a melon gazpacho soup, Sunny liked it, I was not a big fan of it. From reading the reviews by the Washingtonian and Washington Post I knew they served biscuits that were supposed to be delicious. Our server was oblivious to bringing us these, I had to ask the individual who brought us the gazpacho for our biscuits. The biscuits were pretty good, A little doughy but overall very tasty with butter.

                We started out with appetizers, I ordered the Braised Rabbit Cannelloni it was pretty good, I finally had a smile on my face, my girlfriend ordered the Seared Diver Scallops, she loved them, I tried them and they were exquisite.

                On to the main course I ordered the Roasted Colorado Lamb Loin rare and Sunny ordered the Grilled Scottish Salmon, well. Sunny said her dish was ok, I didnt try it because I am not a fan of salmon,I did try her cornmeal gnoochi which came with her salmon, It was quite good. Unfortunately my lamb lion was disappointing. It felt like it was missing something, it needed more flavor.

                The setting at Eventide is very nice, very romantic. I not only wanted to enjoy and like this restaurant I wanted to love it! I wanted it to have great service, like we had received for example at Oya. I wanted the food to be amazing, I wanted it to be worth the price, but unfortunately it failed. Our server was terrible, He never smiled once, not once, He looked like he belonged in the Army not as a waiter. He did not care if we liked the food, he looked miserable at his job. He never asked us once how any of our food was. None of the open booths filled up from the time we sat down 5:45 to the time we left, around 8:05.

                I said what the heck and I ordered dessert, maybe a saving grace, Well.. Ugh.. not the case. I ordered the Strawberry Rhubarb Tart, It was terrible.

                Without me even asking the Waiter puts the bill down, I felt like he wanted to turn the table. The bill came, including a $32 bottle of Chardonnay, the bill was $129. NOT WORTH THE Money. With all the restaurants we have left to try in the DC metropolitan area I doubt we will be making a 2nd trip to Eventide.

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                  i have been back several times since my first visit and am not surprised that your lamb loin was missing something....since our first trip the food has been consistently underseasoned. i think the strong points are the appetizers and biscuits here, while dessert and entrees are lackluster.

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                    Wow, I was there the night before, and had the opposite experience with the service; our waitress and other staff were friendly and attentive, and all of our courses arrived timed just right. We definitely didn't feel like they were trying to rush us out. The managers were circulating among the tables chatting with the diners, and asked us specifically how our service was, which I don't remember ever being asked in a restaurant before.

                    P.S. I had the tart too, and while I thought the crust was excellent, the filling was just OK; too sweet, with not enough rhubarb tartness.

                  2. I have been to Eventide now a couple times and have had nothing but great experiences. The first I met a friend at the bar. We started with cocktails, I first had the cava cocktail then the honey. I really liked the cava cocktail, it was fruity and fresh, a little sweet, but not in a fake syrupy way. The next was a little bit more bitter, but balanced really nicely by the honey. I was sipping the second drink more slowly and the bartender checked in and offered to make me something else as he didn't think I liked it. Our glasses never went empty without inquiry as to if we would like something else. The bartender took our order and our food came quickly. This all with a bar 3 deep and us being at a small table in the corner near the bar. I was very impressed with how smoothly and efficiently the bar ran. After spending many nights at PS7, Eat Bar and Liberty Tavern, I was impressed how smoothly everything went when it was so busy, and how good the cocktails and food were.

                    I had the chicago style beef sandwich. The beef was perfection very tender and juicy, the ciabatta bread soaked up the au jus without getting soggy, and it came with nicely dressed simple greens with were good with the richness of the beef. We also had a cheese plate which had nice diversity of cheeses, the warm olives were lovely. A very good mix of varieties at the perfect temperature and a little salty so they were something great to snack on.

                    The next time we went we sat upstairs. We were never rushed, we ordered cocktails then wine a bit later. I started with the frisee salad with poached egg and goat cheese. I love that they crusted the poach egg so it had a tiny bit of crunch, but was still perfectly tender and runny. The goat cheese was soft enough it spread nicely in the salad. The flavors between the egg, goat cheese, and dressing really balanced nicely. Hubby had the rabbit cannoli which he said was excellent.

                    I next had the lobster pasta which was the single best lobster dish I have had except for the French Laundry. The pasta is clearly homemade and very good. Then there are big chunks of perfectly cooked lobster and lobster meatballs in a very rich cream sauce. After this you may not have room for dessert, but it is soo good you won't care. Hubby had the Salmon, which wasn't as good as the lobster, but still very good. The spring peas and gnocchi gave the salmon some richness without making it heavy and kept it fresh.

                    To end I had the strawberry rhubarb tart. This was the only dissapointment for the evening, and after tasting our friends desserts, theirs were quite good. The inside of the tart was quite lovely, but the crust was quite thick like a shortbread cookie and hard to cut. I would have preferred something thinner and flakier. Hubby had the chocolate and caramel ice cream which was really good, and I could gladly just end a meal with ice cream here, as it wasn't your typical high end ice cream which is soft, but often too soft and runny. It had a very good texture to it. I also tried the pineapple ice cream which was very good, and the chocolate mousse which I should have ordered as it was soft and rich, but after the lobster I just didn't have it in me. Service was professional and attentive the whole time without being too much. I love that we could take our time and have a nice conversation with friends and actually hear them.

                    We will definitely frequent Eventide.

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                      kt — have wanted to try that beef sammich. bar menu different from dining room menu so :( haven't gotten around to it yet. i def. agree with you on the frisee salad and the lobster pasta — creamy whoa! those are the best dishes there. I think the problem here is when they have a starring protein (like your husband's salmon, which i found bland and needing lemon or something). the spring peas were great with it and i think kind of upstaged the protein. the rabbit cannelloni is truly great....this is why i think the appetizers are the strong point at eventide whereas some of the main dishes don't quite make the cut.

                      all this being said, i haven't been back in a couple of months, so maybe it's worth another shot.