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Mar 11, 2009 08:21 AM

Cafe Peddlar?

New cafe on Court @ Warren in Cobble Hill (a new venture by the Frankies, serving Stumptown coffee and Viennese-style pastry) was supposed to have opened today. Anyone pay a visit, have a report?

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  1. I was their "first" customer for the "soft" opening today--official is Friday. It was, as to be expected from anyplace serving Stumptown Coffee, wonderful. The barista was a former manager at Gimme Coffee, so preparation of the latte was superb.
    Design is typical of Frankie 457 (who own the place)'s aesthetic--warm and understated. They're modeling it on a Viennese coffee bar I hadn't heard of, and painted the walls with an imported Dutch paint that gives the place the feel of a cozy hearth in Amsterdam (minus the dope).
    This is a fantastic addition to the neighborhood--other than Frankie's, which for those of us in the Hgts/Cobble Hill/Boerum Hill area is a bit far away, it's now possible to get superb coffee, perfectly prepared.
    They also plan to open an identical coffee bar when Stumptown opens their Red Hook roastery in a few months on Van Brunt St.
    And I think it's Cafe Peddler, affectionally named for the late Jim of Jim and Andy's vegetable stand next door. By the way, they don't intend to have any kind of sign.

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      Hurrah and thanks for the report! (I went by around 9:15 this a.m. and the gates were still down - have to give it a try tomorrow.) Are they selling Stumptown beans there?

      1. re: tempehtempeh

        They are. I didn't stop in because I was hoping for a pastry and it looked like just coffee today (plus there was a ladder blocking the entrance), but I noticed from afar a rack of Stumptown coffee on the right side. Looks nice, much better than the awkward Margaret Palca.

        Of note, One Girl Cookies serves Stumptown as well, and sells it at $12.50 a bag. ($2.50 cheaper than 9th St. Espresso.) Had their Red Velvet Cake today, which was awesome and huge for $3.

    2. I went in this morning after hearing about it yesterday... not open yet but I all but forced them to sell me a cup, and they obliged. Totally friendly, coffee was great. Can't wait to see more.

      1. Stopped by today and they had some baked treats from Frankies. Starting Monday they'll have stuff from Ceci Cela. They've got Stumptown, as reported, and it's a nice-looking vintage-y space. Much warmer than Palca.

        I'm so glad there's not another empty storefront on Court St. Speaking of which, has anyone seen that new building they're putting up on Baltic, just east of Court? According to the permit it's going to be a restaurant. Looks like a nice space with big windows, but it seems crazy to build a whole new building for a restaurant when there are so many empty spaces right on Court.

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