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Mar 11, 2009 08:08 AM

Birthday Dinner-Friday-Calgary

My family and I are taking my sister out for her birthday on Friday night and I'm looking for some recommendations. We were hoping to get to Bistro 2210 for their Dine Out Calgary menu, but they're all booked up. There are 6 of us plus a 1 year old. We're looking for something relatively inexpensive.

Are Cilantro and Brava Bistro kid friendly? What about Aida's, The Garlic Clove or Morrocan Castle?

My brother lives in Okotoks and my sister lives in Tuscany so no area in the city is off limits.

Any suggestions?

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  1. Garlic Clove is VERY kid UNfriendly. In fact unless things have changed it has a "no minors" sign on the door. I've also walked by, post-smoking-ban, and have seen a man (owner?) smoking at the table closest to the front. Yes, inside, albeit when the resto was closed. And this happened more than once.

    Moroccan might be a lot of fun for a family- and Aida's should be a safe choice too. Aida's is definitely pricey for Lebanese but not pricey compared to other options.

    I've seen kids at Brava but it seems awfully grown-up for kids, not as cocktail-y as, say, Metropolitan Grill, but definitely more of a Sex in the City sort of place.

    How about Wildwood (the resto not the downstairs pub)? Place was full of families with kids when I was last there for brunch...