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Mar 11, 2009 08:05 AM

A bit past expired

I was in a bit of a rush in the grocery yesterday. In addition to my usual grocery items, I was looking for a bit of meat that could be cooked quickly to eat alongside some leftover lentil soup. I was thrilled to find some pre-cooked chicken sausage (in a brand usually out of my price range) on "manager's special". It said "use or freeze by 3/9/09" so I put it in the cart thinking it was perfect since it expired that day and I was using it that day anyway. It wasn't until I go home that I realized that yesterday was 3/10 - one day beyond expiration. It looked and smelled fine, so I ate one anyway with no ill effect and froze the rest.

My questions are:
1) Should the grocery store still be selling these, or is it an oversight?
2) If not, should I call them and let them know so they can remove them from the shelf.

I'm not looking for a refund or anything, just wondering if I ought to give them an FYI in case there is an under-trained employee or a potential liability for them.

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  1. For me it'd depend on
    1) how big the population is where I shop,
    2) how regular a customer I am (do they know me on sight, or recognize me if they don't know my name),
    3) Is this something that happens regularly, or was it just a little burble.
    4) what time of day it was I was shopping (ie, did the employee who picks this stuff up not start working yet when I was out shopping?)

    I'd be inclined to just dismiss it as a simple mistake unless it happened with more regularity, or I started noticing more packages like that in the meat case. :)

    1. This happens primarily because in the United States with the exception of baby food product dating is not generally required. Some individual states my have regulations but there are actually few federal ones. It also get confusing because food manufacturers use sell-by, and best if used by, and used by dates and they all mean different things.

      Personally I probably would not notify store management but then I am also the person that looks in the "reduced for quick sale" section of the meat counter when I shop. Recently I got some great prime fillets on the day listed as sell-by and they were great on the grill.

      1. Since they say use or freeze by, i would say the product is totally fine. I used to work at a small fish smoking facility and the dates we used were use by dates. These dates (usually used for pre-cooked or processed foods) is a bench mark for optimum flavor. If one were to consume an item well past the optimum date, the flavor profile of the product would have changed markedly and would be incredibly bad for the producers image and affect future sales. IMO, regardless of the lack of clear laws, in some instances, it behooves the company to keep a viable product on the shelf.

        1. I always bought things like that on a regular basis for many years and never suffered a second from it. Got some beautiful short ribs marked down and they were delicious.

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            My Dad and I play the game.... What deep discount did YOU find this week.

          2. in this litigious age I would imagine the warning date has a day or two of "wiggle" room built in. I wouldn't push it, but...

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            1. re: hill food

              One of our smaller local supermarkets has a comment on their web site (and I think they put a sign in the meat dept) that they tend to shorten up the date:

              "Why are your fresh beef products always coded with a 'sell-by' date of only 1, 2, or 3 days? It always looks great, but I didn't want to chance it if I have to cook it right away."

              I explained that we reduced the number of days on our sell-by dates to ensure a fresher product in our case. Fresher product in our case will give our customers another couple of days in their refrigerator. You don't have to cook it right away... and it will still be fresh when you want to prepare it. (We recommend no more than 2 or 3 days in your refrigerator)

              Our store ground fresh ground beef will only have one day code because it needs to be used either the day it is purchased or the next.