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Mar 11, 2009 07:52 AM

Where to get rid of unwanted mishloach manot items

We received way too much mishloach manot junk food and rather than throw it in the garbage is there any place in the 5 towns where one can drop it off? I feel rather guilty if the unhealthy junk foods go to unsuspecting children who don't know better. I would rather that it go to people whose matzev is such that junk food is better than no food.

There should be community programs to provide such a service. I noticed in the FiveTownsShuls email list a bunch of posts from people looing to unload their excess mishloach manot.

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  1. the met coucil delivers food to frum families, you could contact them

    theres also a kosher food pantry, i think in massapequa, ill be seeing someone who volunteers there on sunday and will get the info from him

      1. re: berel

        a junk food gemach will only perpetuate junk in the trunk
        (which we are trying to avoid before pesach)

      2. Young Israel of Woodmere will have containers to donate the candy to JEP, set up in the next few days. Yes, it is going to go to children, but JEP uses it in their kiruv programs, so it's for a good cause.

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        1. re: websterhall1994

          My daughter volunteers at one of the Manhattan hospitals children’s cancer clinic and will be bringing them most of the goodies; provided her Stern College roommates don’t find them first :) Probably will leave out all those bulky Potato/Corn Chips bags.

          I guess junk food is kids food.

        2. I bring it to work where it goes to knowing adults :-)

          1. Jep LI has several drop off points throughout the 5 towns. I know the schools, the white shul among others have boxed for drop off. Call their office for all locations

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            1. re: shanirum

              A posting in the FiveTownsShuls list would be in order.

                1. re: berel

                  I miissed that one "After Purim-donate costumes". I usually look at the header and if it appears relevant read the rest. I did not have Purim costumes to donate.

                  This proves the point that it is very important to compose your header correctly if not your message will not get to the intended audience. Unless they really didn't need the candy, just the costumes.

                  1. re: MartyB

                    I think they were concentrating on the costumes because of the fire they had

                    you could always email Rabbi Shenker and suggest he put another post on the 5towns list about the candy with the correct heading