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Mar 11, 2009 06:26 AM

Buying corned beef for St. Paddy's (MSP)

I've waited to the last minute and I need to make a corned beef for this Saturday. My Irish mother-in-law would buy prewrapped (and probably pre brined) corned beef back in New York. Any clue as to where I could buy something like that here?

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  1. Saw some corned beef made from Kobe/Wagyu at Lunds, ready for you to boil or roast.

    1. I like to cook mine with onions, garlic,pickling spice and beer,cover 5-6 hours crockpot on high Save the broth for doing cabbage seperatlyand potatoes as well Buy a good cut too! Happy St.Pats day

      1. Most any grocery store carries corned beef that is ready to simmer.

        I'm in a small town in the west metro and even my little grocery, a Marketplace, has them. I just picked up a couple of the John Morrell brand for $2.29/lb. After simmering, I like to brush a little mustard on top, then sprinkle with brown sugar and heat in the oven for a bit.

        1. Just bought one at Sam's Club---a really good price of about $2.29 per pound.

          1. Clancy's actually has some corned beef that they brine themselves. Pricier than the other options but I really like the idea of grass-fed beef. Sometimes you just gotta put your money where your mouth is.