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Grouper Sandwich

Am in town fro the month and would like to to find a great lunch place with an awesome GROUPER SANDWICH ..not to expensive if that's possible..great restaurants here! Thanks for any guidance!

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    1. re: NancyH

      Must be too much sun..I am in Naples ..sorry

    2. If youre in Miami, check out Garcia's on the MIami River. Kickass grouper sandwich!

      Garcia Seafood Grille & Fish
      398 NW North River Dr, Miami, FL 33128

      1. Try Randy's Fish Market on US41

        or Grouper and Chips, they have two Naples locations

        I've been to Randy's many times and love it. Grouper and Chips gets a lot of good reviews on this board.

        1. Just wanted to mention: there is a grouper ban in effect, til March 15th. Hooks "in the water" after that, but you won't see fresh supply and reasonable prices til the very end of March (the boats go out for several days at a time). Look for the best grouper after the first of April.
          Meanwhile check out some alternate local fish (amberjack, pompano, mahi, etc!).
          Happy eating!

          1. Imo, Grouper & Chips has the all time best fried grouper. They are closed on Sunday.

            1. Just keep in mind that fresh grouper goes for around $16-18/lb retail. $7.99 grouper sandwich will be frozen grouper or make believe grouper.

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                Scubadoo97, that depends on the size of the sandwich. I serve nothing but the real thing in my restaurant, a four ounce grouper sandwich is 7.99. (Mid Peninsula Seafood in St Pete). I am not trying to advertise here, but wanted folks to know that price is not necessarily the best indicator. We have a showcase and you can see the fish first...One of the restaurants busted by the St. Pete Times a couple of years ago was serving a grouper dinner for $25...

                1. re: joan

                  Descent price for fresh. No, agree, price isn't always the best way to judge.

                  Grouper and chips isn't bad. There are a few local places that are cheaper. Docs is also good, been there a few times. The Bay House and PInchers. But I haven't been in about 10 months so I hope they are all there. I am pretty sure they are.

                  1. re: joan

                    I'll be right down Joan after the 15th.

                    Yes you are right size does matter. I have been served a large thin "grouper" fillet on a sandwich that due to price and thickness I was sure it was not fresh local grouper. That's for the clarification

                  1. re: joan

                    all right within the naples area. The Bay House and Pinchers are waterfront, Grouper and Chips, Docs to waterfront, Grouper and Chips I don't think is.

                    1. re: kchurchill5

                      Kchurchilll, are you referring to Pinchers Crab Shack? There are a few I think, and the one that I know of is on US41, not near the water. Where is the Pinchers that is waterfront? I just might have to go there!

                      1. re: grouper

                        1200 5th Ave • Naples, Florida • At Tin City • 239-262-4200
                        Sorry waterfront ... but the gordon river, sorry about the mislead. Still good.


                        The link to the map

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                          Thanks, I haven't been to Tin City for years! Might have to make a trip there when I'm down next month. I am planning at trip to Grouper and Chips while there as it has been talked about so much that I have to try it.

                          1. re: grouper

                            Not my favorite, but good. All those are. Docs is better to me, for Island casual relaxed if I remember right. All good though. I honestly can say I haven't had a bad grouper sandwich other than once. And it was just overfried it all. They took it back and made a new one and it was good. And that was locally in Sarasota. Tin City is a nice area