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Mar 10, 2009 10:45 PM

ROKA AKOR (PHX) named No. 5 on Bon Appétit's Top 10 Sushi Spots

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  1. Interesting article. I certainly agree that Bar Charlie is a top flight restaurant, but disagree about Sebo (very interesting, worth going to, but not a top spot) and Sushiko (a local place for me, it's good but hardly one of the best in the country).

    Just as importantly, the author seems to be a bit confused as to what is being ranked. I know that at least a couple of the restaurants are not known for their sushi, but for other Japanese dishes. Indeed, he lists more non-sushi items than sushi items.

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    1. re: Larry

      i agree, this is interesting ranking. bar charlie usually only serves 1 course - trio, that is actually sushi. also, ive only been to urasawa, but im surprised neither urasawa nor masa make the list.

      1. re: palmdoc1

        There are some obvious omissions (Urasawa being at the top of the list -- although I don't consider Urasawa a "sushi" restaurant, but rather a true kaiseki experience).

    2. I wouldn't actually put this place in my top 5 sushi places in Phoenix (actually, it would go in my top 5, but I was trying to make a point).

      I think Hana, and Yasu far superior in a variety of categories (food, ambiance, and value).

      I found Roka to be a beautiful restaurant, and an enjoyable scene, but overall, I found the food pedestrian, and expensive.

      These "top" lists are always subjective, and this one is too.

      1. Based on a few postings here, we tried Roka Akor the last time we were in town. It seemed to us that cooked foods had a much more predominant place on their menu and that they merely gave a nod to sushi/sashimi. Given the lack of concentration on sushi here, I don't understand Roka Akor being on anyone's list of top 10 sushi spots. I see it as being new and trendy and flavor-of-the-month.

        1. I would say, that any national recognition for Phoenix restaurants is great for our local foodie community. While I don't necessarily find Roka worthy, I am excited to see more of our local restaurants getting press.

          Hopefully, it will encourage our local scene to grow, and bring in more great places to eat.