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Mar 10, 2009 10:40 PM

Eclectic Girl's Night Out- Need Recs!

I'm going out for dinner tomorrow night with my college roommates. Great friends, but we're all totally different (especially when it comes to food)... so it's always a challenge to pick a place!

Here's the scoop:
1. Me- a beer loving, carnivorous, eat-anything type of girl. Not picky.
2. Self-proclaimed "health-freak" nutritionist who gave up drinking last year (for health reasons). She's the veggie and fish type, but will do chicken and turkey as long as it's free-range, grass-fed, blah blah blah... you get the idea.
3. A booze-hound alcoholic (in a good way). Full bar's a plus for her! She likes simple meat-and-potato type food. She always suggests Cheesecake Factory (if that tells you anything)!
4. She'll eat anything and is very adventurous when it comes to food, BUT she's broke-as-a-joke. Price is a concern for this one. She'd like to keep her portion of the bill under $30.

We've decided to meet somewhere east-side-ish. I'm thinking Century City, Beverly Hills, W. Hollywood, Koreatown. We'd like a place with a nice atmosphere.

Sushi might be the best option, but I am open to other suggestions...

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  1. this recommendation will meet your requirements EXCEPT for location and full bar (they do serve beer and wine):

    26 beach restaurant in venice.

    (i expect burger boy will fill in the blanks here as he is the board's expert on this restaurant)

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    1. re: westsidegal

      Really good rec! I'm a west-sider, but we need a place that is farther east. Two of the girls are coming from Los Feliz and Hollywood :(

      P.S. Wine/ beer places are fine too.

    2. The Baazar at SLS is really fun, has all types of food served in a tapas style, is heavy on the melecular gastronomy, so you will never run out of things to talk about (or make fun of), the bar is a total scene, the ONLY problem I can see is the price. Might be too much for your broke friend.

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      1. re: schrutefarms

        I'll definitely check it out at some point, but by the looks of the web-site -- it does look a little too pricey for Miss. Broke-As-A-Joke.

        I told you this was a challenge!

        1. re: KaceyLaine

          Hi... Does the #4 issue (financial limitations for 'Miss Broke-as-a-Joke') really need to factor into the choice? You all are college roomies and great friends, and with due respect, cannot the other three of you pick up a bit of the slack in the economic rope for your fourth roomie (assuming you all actually, uh, like her)?? If an extra $5 even $10 was culled from each of you three, then the self-imposed $30 price limitation for the fourth roomie would be extended to $45 - $60. If you find a great spot that fits all other conditions, it seems a small amount (defrayed amongst you other three) to ensure a swell time together. None of my business, i know, but personally, I'd not let a few bucks amongst friends derail the possibilities. Good luck...

          1. re: silence9

            Uhhhh... that's a possibility. Any recommendations in the $45-$60 range, or did you just want to give me advice on being a generous friend?

            1. re: KaceyLaine

              Actually, I was attempting to highlight the notion that there might be only three possible challenges to a wonderful evening, instead of four. Others offering suggestions might be more inclined to go out on a limb on a great recco, if the fourth challenge was not viewed as overly prohibitive... My recco would have been Pizzeria Mozza. Again, good luck...

      2. AKASHA is the slam dunk here! Perfect for everyone...and much more chic than 26 Beach. Little farther west than you want, but very easy to get to.

        1. How about the Courtyard on Santa Monica Blvd in Weho? It's tapas, which means there's something for everyone food-wise. But it's not as pricey as SLS at all. It's also not as trendy, but maybe that's a good thing? It's fun to sit out there in the courtyard when you've got a bunch of girls enjoying some sangria and catching up.

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          1. re: hyacinthgirl

            This place closed.

            I agree with a lot of the suggestions - I like the recos of Akasha and Cobras and Matadors. To add to your list, what about BLD or Village Idiot?

            1. re: Obessed

              Oh no! Guess I haven't been in weho enough lately. thanks for the update

          2. Another possibility might be Pace on Laurel Canyon, everyone might be accomodated there
            Or, Laurel Tavern's about equ-distant for all of you and not hard to get to. Full bar, reasonable prices, a nice beet burrata salad for the health freak, pork belly skewers and fries for the meat and potato lover, good atmosphere. More I think about it, more I think that could be a fun spot for everyone.