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Mar 10, 2009 10:17 PM

Fredericton, Blue Door

Went here with high hopes which were somewhat dashed. I read about it on this board (from last year).

Started off with a plate of Indian spiced calimari. Absolutely wonderful. it came with a house tzatziki sauce. The spice was perfect, the calimari were perfectly breaded and cooked and very tender.

The entree, also Indian inspired, was a penne with spicy curry sauce, indian lamb sausage (locally sourced...the lamb, but I don't know if the sausage is made in house or nearby) and crab. Really disappointing. There were about four slivers of lamb (which, for what little there was appeared well made and well cooked) and some strands of crab which really got lost in the dish. The sauce was nicely spicy, but was a bit thick and really had no taste except a bit of heat. I kept expecting to taste something, but never did. To top it off the penne was undercooked. Had I not been in a time crunch the whole dish would have been sent back.

Oddly, the most frustrating thing was the fact that my wine (ordered before the appy even appeared) did not show up until I was almost done the entree. The waiter showed up with the carafe and I sent him and it away. The waiter was poor, forgetting what I ordered (which consisted of four things, a beer, a carafe of wine and the two parts of my food!) several times.

No time for desert.

I would go back were I local, but am not and will not have the chance. I liked the menu ideas, I can see that it has potential, but it failed me that night. i would likely try out the other higher end resto recommedned to me Brewbakers. Their menu was less enticing, but I did hear of them from several people. I was also told to check out Racine. I did read the menu, nothing jumped out at me, but with a few more days here I would have tried out both places.

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  1. I'm originally from Fredericton actually, but have been living away for some time, so only have ever visited the Blue Door during patio weather, and don't remember being blown away by the food. That said, my sister is a regular visitor and seems to always enjoy herself, but I think largely because the waitstaff recognize her now, and she doesn't suffer from the same bad service you experienced.

    What was the inside like? We're planning a surprise party in April, and wondering if the space would be accommodating for a large group?

    Regarding your mention of Brewbakers, it is a good standby for when we are in town. Comfortably charming space, fairly decent food. For whatever reason though, new restaurants have a hard time surviving in this city, particularly if they're the least bit avant-garde in their cuisine. You'll find more pubs and family restaurants than anything.

    Next time you are there, I would suggest Dimitri's for a good, and cheap, Greek lunch. Bruno's also has a nice Sunday brunch. Sorry you were left with not a great impression!

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      The room is pretty tight, but honestly as a single eater I did not pay too much attention. I think there was a staricase in the middle of the room...something was there! The floor was definately very small, but I suspect there may be an upstairs. In the area I was in (which may have been the whole resto, not sure), you would have a tough time fitting in more than 6 people at a table. Sorry, not much help. Apparently Racine is now in the "Where to Eat" guide if that helps!

      1. re: KayceeK

        There is an upstairs part that can accomadate larger groups, and would have the benefit of being hidden from view when the guest of honor arrived.

        1. re: KayceeK

          Dimitri's is the best place in town, the bluedoor is garbage and so is brewbakers. Fredericton is not known for any good restaurants.

          1. re: andy1965

            LOL! I totally agree with you - I would not touch the Blue Door with a barge pole simply because cleanliness isnot high on their list and I know where they get their cooks. And Brewbakers - overpriced for blaaah food!
            If we go out to eat we tend to hit Dimitri's (best greek in town) and Caribbean Flavas - they have some great staple items IE: the jerk steak and samosas, love their curries and at least they have awesome coffee and a great chocolate cheesecake...

        2. foodiesnorth, your experience at the Blue Door reflects my own many visits there: " I kept expecting to taste something, but never did." I am a local and have been forced to go there a few times a year either to be polite to friends or to attend a business meal. I have very often sent dishes back and so have my fellow diners. I have also had similar experiences with the service. Brewbakers is a more reliable kitchen (which is not saying much).