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Mar 10, 2009 10:13 PM

midnight snack

I just made myself one of the most delicious things i haven't eaten in a while. it was actually just toasted bread with melted mozzarella cheese on top. except for some reason it just tasted soooo good. it didn't even really taste like mozzarella cheese... that was the good part. the mozzarella cheese is No Name brand that i just picked up at the supermarket. but it was soo amazingly good. i'm contemplating another one right now. i toasted the bread first and then topped it with mozzarella and melted for 20 secs in the microwave.
just thought i would share.
anyone have a really delicious and simple snack recipe that doesn't involve complicated ingredients? something really easy for those exam all nighters..

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  1. That sounds great. i always go for something sweet at night though... not so great for my hips...

    this reminds me that i miss having a open faced sandwich with bacon, runny fried egg and a slice of tomato... simple things are good...

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      Grits. I joke that my second child was made of grits, because I ate a bowl every single night at about 2 am when I was pregnant with him.

    2. I recently discovered how good blue cheese tastes melted in Tostitos scoops. The cheese melts pretty fast in the microwave--it can get pretty much liquified in as little as 10 secs!

      1. Ritz crackers topped with thin slice of apple and a small strip of swiss cheese, microwaved at 50% power until the cheese melts.

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          MMm! I like the idea of the slice of apple.. will give this a try thanks ~

        2. A take off on your snack is a slice of bread with a processed cheese slice with thinly sliced tomato toasted with cracked pepper - the secret is to toast the bread a bit first, then toast more with the cheese and then finish it off with the tomato on top - won't be able to wait till midnight now.

          1. Lately, whole grain digestive cookies with excellent quality chocolate discs melted on top.