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Mar 10, 2009 10:08 PM

Last Restaurant Standing- British Airways [spoilers]

Well the bottom two couples were not a surprise tonight. Either one could have gone home... in fact, I am not sure how he really chose between them. But let me try to guess. I think that home British cooking is not all that exciting, and in order to succeed, had to be spectacular. And this poor guy was not capable of spectacular. He hardly understood how to use salt! But for me, the Mexican meal was so pathetic, they were lucky to get a challenge.

And his partner, Caroline's, voice was painful to listen to. So, for that reason alone, I am glad that they are the ones who are out.

I think Raymond is intrigued by the idea of good Asian food. Raymond would love to add Asian food to hi empire, but Peter keeps not doing his Asian food well. Noodles that absorb too much liquid, and rice that is overcooked and sticky.

Nice to see that Provenance stood their ground about sourcing, spent way too much time sourcing, and still came out on top. It was a risk, and it paid off for them very well. Congrats to them!

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  1. Since I missed most of this episode - all I can really say is that I can guess who is out just by the comment about the womans voice!! ( I can't remember their names - )
    LOL! I agree - and the partners voice was just as bad as hers!! Their heavy accent (I'm guessing Yorkshire?) caused them to just sound thick! I couldn't stand listening to them!
    The "Mexican" buffet they put on was really pathetic, even without an oven - I could have put out a better attempt for sure!
    They deserved to go this week.

    I was surprised at team "Nels" in the previous episode, and I thought they lost a bit of respect from Raymond, and since they showed little adaptability, I now have doubts as to who is the strongest team.
    I am thinking it's the long dark haired woman and her husband.

    The 2 guys - the chef is strong but they have no teamwork, and the front of house guy is plain bad, and can't handle any kind of pressure.

    I would have to say I'm rooting for the couple who has the son. I like them, and give her credit for trying so hard to be strong and carry on. I hope they do well.

    1. Thank GOD, Chris and his wife were sent packing! She was charming but he was a disaster. That Mexican buffet last week was painfully embarrassing to watch. All Chris ever wanted to do was find the quickest, easiest, and cheapest way of doing things, which is not Raymond's way. I think Raymond was just being nice last night when he told them that they did listen to his advice, because Chris certainly never did. He was just clueless.

      I think you're right that Raymond is intrigued by the idea of good Asian food, but I can't get over a Chinese guy who can't cook RICE! This was the second time his rice was bad. His parents must be so ashamed. lol. Also, his food just doesn't seem to be very good. I don't think I've ever heard anyone compliment one of his dishes.

      I was surprised that nothing was said (or shown in the edited version) at the judge's table about inspector Sarah being ignored on the plane by two of the teams. How could they forget to set a judge's table -- or anyone's, for that matter -- in such a small space?

      I've been rooting for the Gallery guys but they keep disappointing. James does kick ass in the kitchen but his buddy Alisdair is a wreck. I also like Helen and her hubby (the Nel's team). They really seem like lovely people. They're so helpful to whatever team they are on and seem truly happy when others do well. I think Tim & Lindsie (True Provenance) have a good chance. His 20 years of restaurant experience shows.

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      1. re: pisang goreng

        You are so right. Alistair isn't really up to this task. He always looks frazzled and can't seem to remember anything from moment to moment. Add this to his inability to prioritize and he often has a "deer in headlight" look that does not inspire confidence. I thought he had front of house experience, but I am not seeing it yet.

        1. re: pisang goreng

          I have a problem with last night's episode. I doubt that the chefs have any feel for airline first class. (I've flown business three times. One time I got left over food from First- it was that good.) A quick show and tell by the airline folk isn't enough to get a feel for what is expected.
          That said, that brown stew photographed as badly as any dinner I've ever seen. But I've had sick kittens. Mr. Shallots and I played a game of figuring out how to make it look good. It really looked vile.
          The oriental food chicken entree looked interesting. But was it cooked in advance or was it totally dependent on the plane heat?

          I would now insert a rant about the lack of manners. For the FOHs, had they added a bit more pleasantness, a sincere apology for overlooking Sarah, just be gracefilled with service. First class wasn't so large that a quick glance wouldn't show Sarah with no tablecloth.

          I got the feeling that Blanc is eliminating them as he determines that they can't be brought up to snuff. The way he worded last night's departure was not that they did the worst for the day, but that he still wanted to see what Welsh Wok could do because he hadn't seen it yet.

          Maybe he decided after filming that Last Restaurant Standing . that there were better ways to find new ideas in food. See the link below to what he's going to do for the most recent winner of Britain's Master Chef.

          1. re: pisang goreng

            That Mexican buffet was the worst thing I have ever seen that didn't involve 10,000 cockroaches. And then they ran out! Incompetent doesn't even come close to describing it.

            1. re: Pete Oldtown

              I know - it was painful to watch!
              Even his "Margarita Cocktails" looked embarassing!
              Oh and his get-up!
              The hat and poncho! Just painful to watch!

          2. What channel and time is this show on? BBC?

            Raymond Blanc is one of the most knowledgeable and nicest people in the restaurant business. No comparison with either Ramsay or White as far as temperament goes.

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            1. re: ChefJune

              It's on Tuesday's at 9 on BBC America. Tuesday's at 8, they show the previous weeks episode.
              I know they repeat it on Saturday - but I'm not sure what time...Possibly the entire season is repeated, every Sat. but I am not quite sure. (If it isn't Sat., then it's Sunday!)

              It's very well done IMO, Perhaps a bit slow moving, but I really like it.
              Sometimes you just want to scream at the contestants, but yes you are right Raymond is always very even tempered and well mannered.

                1. re: NellyNel

                  I believe the weekend reruns are on Sun. 11:00 to noon (Eastern, anyway) for the two weeks ago show, followed by noon to 1:00 for the previous Tuesday's show . And darn if I didn't forget to watch this morning . Glad there are a few of you following and posting so I could get caught up.

                  1. re: intuitive eggplant

                    Well, trying to follow.
                    If I'm really tired, it sounds like the battle of the accents.
                    At least we're calling the teams by sort of recognizable (if not by their given) names.

                    1. re: intuitive eggplant

                      Hopefully I will find BBC on my Jersey City Cable.

                      1. re: ChefJune

                        ChefJune - what cable co do you have?
                        I'm in JC - we have Verizon.

                2. I was sorry to see Ray Whites close. But it was only a matter or time. Chris seemed(s) like a nice guy but never quite up to speed. I kept hopeing that they would get their act to together but they never seemed able.

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                  1. re: Withnail42

                    When "The Restaurant" was shown over here last autumn, the couple I was so pleased to see go throughout the whole series was this one. What a completely clueless pair. He's a chef in a pub so should have been able to be reasonably adaptable and, at the very least, have been able cook on the stove top and use his grill. Pathetic.

                    I was also pleased to see "True Provenance" have a good session as it's an issue close to my foodie heart. And I'd seen the BBC filming at their restaurant set (actually a former Italian restaurant in Brentford which had been lying empty - and still is).

                  2. Oh then June, you may not get BBC America - we switched from Comcast and I can't recall having it before.

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                    1. re: NellyNel

                      I can't. BBC America shows up on channel 114 as a special subscription channel.

                      I didn;t know we had any other cable options in JC besides Comcast.

                      1. re: ChefJune

                        I'm surprised - We had had Verizon Fios sales people at our door quite a few times before we finally switched over.
                        We are in the Heights, so perhaps if you are downtown - fios is not yet available.