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Mar 10, 2009 08:41 PM

Port Douglas Food Recommendations?

We're heading to Port Douglas on holiday in June. Any hidden gems up that way?

Thanks in advance.

Cheers! :)

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  1. No :-) Not hidden anyway.

    Sassi at Bale got on the shortlist for regional restaurant of the year in Aus Gourmet Traveller.

    There's a really famous one, been there years, Clinton went there(!) but I can't remember its name. Anyway, food was fine to good - but the outdoor setting in the palm trees was a very northern experience. Their speciality was a whole deep fried coral trout.

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      Thanks! I've been getting the impression that this trip will be more about the setting than the cuisine anyway, which is absolutely fine with us. :)

    2. On The Inlet is great - but make sure you book! And if you arrive early for cocktails and prawns, you can watch them feed George the Groper - who is HUGE.

      I think the restaurant mr_gimlet was referring to is Nautilus, which is also very good, but significantly more expensive. And the coral trout looked amazing.

      I think the hardest thing to find in Port Douglas is *cheap* eats - but the Chinese restaurant on Macrossan St is great (another Clinton favourite) as well as the RSL, which is just next door to On the Inlet.

      1. Salsa in Wharf Street-always great food, great atmos.
        The Beach Shak in Barrier Street-sand floor, great wood fired pizzas.
        There is a card you can buy that gives you discounts up to 20% off ats some Restaurants in Port. It is called My Holiday Reward Card it costs $10. go to

        1. I ate at Harrisons Restaurant and Bar , Nautilus and Salsa. Harrisons was by far the best - great food and good wine list. Nautilus is more about the setting, which is beautiful, however the food is overworked and a bit contrived. I had the famous snapper which was very dry and overcooked. Disappointing, considering the price. The locals will tell you that Salsa is a great restaurant, but it is not. The food was clumsy and unappealing,very large servings and a weird mish mash of flavours,totally lacking in good kitchen skills. Screaming children running riot. I didn't eat at Sassis' but have it on good authority that it is not to be missed.

          1. Thanks for all the suggestions! We've made a booking at Sassi at Bale, and even if we just go for an early cocktail and prawn snack, I'm not sure I can resist the George the Groper feeding. As for Salsa, I've heard mixed reviews, but "screaming children running riot" makes that a miss for us. :)