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Mar 10, 2009 07:53 PM

What to order in Ming Court?

I will be attending a group dinner (15 ppl) at the end of this month at Ming Court 明阁. Since it will be my first visit there, is there any must try dishes I should order?

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  1. they're not "known" for any particular "signiture" dishs


    the page 1 dishes looks alright, although touristy.

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    1. re: Sher.eats

      If so, wonder why this touristy restaurant was awarded a Michelin star...

      1. re: golfess

        well I said it was touristy because of all the languages...and touristy and Michelin can't be mutually exclusive...that's what the guide is for haha

        not having a signature dish as you would relate roast goose yue kee, not saying they don't have anything good...


    2. ming court is an awesome restaurant, touristy or not (it's in a hotel, so they can't exactly get away with monolingual menus) - i'm tending towards 'not' because what they serve is actually quite subtly-flavoured canto. they don't have a signature dish, but personal faves are steamed minced pork 'cake' with salted fish and slow-braised pomelo skin with crab roe - both very old school canto dishes, not really for the lemon chicken crew

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        But didn't Michelle Loo recently film an episode of her food show "Grab a Bite" at Ming Court and introduce three dishes that are supposed to be the signature ones for the restaurant (at least the first two appear on the signature page of the menu and the third is the "first choice of seafood")? The dishes are: (1) the four tastings of shark fin aka shark fin flight (2) stir-fried sliced garoupa with assorted mushrooms and dried shrimp roe and (3) stir-fried fresh shrimp with egg white?

        1. re: hong_kong_foodie

          i guess officially, each resto has a 'signature', but which canto restaurant wouldn't list shark's fin, abalone and seafood of some sort?!

      2. I ate at Ming Court a few months ago and remember loving their crispy-skinned chicken stuffed with glutinous comes with a bunch of fried lotus chips that are delicious without being oily. The dim sum is also good. The restaurant not "touristy" (in the tacky sense) as much as cleaned up and modernized for the jet set and business traveler crowd...after all, it is a part of the Langham. Still, I also saw a bunch of locals there enjoying food at a leisurely pace.