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Mar 10, 2009 07:23 PM

"Salad and Meat, no bread for Lent." Sherman Oaks-ish

I am entertaining a friend tomorrow night who described his food proclivities as in the title. I'm thinking maybe a steakhouse with ala carte sides would fit his requirements, but might anyone have any other ideas in the Sherman Oaks general area? Thanks.

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  1. In Encino is Sampa Grill, a Brazillian churrascaria. It's not as good as Fogo de Chao, but the salad bar is very good and there are a lot of meat options. That may not be the salad your friend intended.

    La Frite is a salad and meat option. They have very good salads and you can either get meat entrees or one of their choppped steaks (basically, very good open-faced burgers with various toppings. Just ask them not to bring bread.

    For pure steakhouses, the options are a bit limited. There is a kosher steakhouse in Encino and Larsen's at Ventura and Woodley.

    I'm also sure your friend could get steak and meat at Max, Pinot Grill, and Boneyard Bistro.