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Mar 10, 2009 06:44 PM

Recipe from Girl Guide Camp?

Many many years ago I attended girl guide camp and there was a recipe for a type of "stew" but made with all canned items - I think there was vegetable soup, alphagetti and some other items that I have forgotten. Does anyone have the recipe?

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  1. When my kids were small and we spent time camping we prepared a meal my wife and kids called "Girl Scout Stew". Try a Google search for that and see if it gets you closer to your goal.
    As I recall they started with canned vegetable soup and added LOTS of stuff, including browned ground beef, and it was go to heaven good (especially with buttered sourdough bread)

    1. I remember Hunters Stew, Mom was a Girl Scout leader for a short while and this was right up her alley, so she made it all the time at home. I'm pretty sure it was just chop meat, Campbells Vegetarian Vegetable Soup and Tomato Soup mixed together, don't remember pasta being involved.

      Here's something that sounds more like what you remember

      And this sounds like what I remember

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        Thanks for the suggestions - based on memory and internet search I think it was a can of chili, can of corn, pasta, can of alphagetti and a can of vegetable soup. Will work up some courage and try it out and let folks know.

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            Mixing cans of soup together usually comes out better than the sum of its parts. I've had great success mixing Progresso soups. My mother was a Campbell's junkie when I was growing up, so it's not so repulsive to me as to others. Brings back childhood memories, especially the sherry she usually dumped it to jazz it up.