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Mar 10, 2009 05:57 PM


Has anyone used one? Do you still use it? My husband hates cold butter and I keep seeing these things for sale everywhere. I have done some reading up on them, some positive some negative... some say the butter gets moldy, or the butter falls out and floats when it gets really hot. Any input would be appreciated!


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  1. I have one that I use. The butter does fall out if it gets too hot - say around 78 F and up. I've never had it get mold, but I don't live in a particularly humid climate.

    My opinion is that they really don't do anything that a good heavy stoneware butter dish wouldn't do. I'm skeptical they really keep a better temperature than a butter dish. The advantages are 1) they kind of look cuter than a butter dish and 2) if it does get hot enough to melt your butter the butter doesn't seep out all over your counter (which once happened with my butter dish). The disadvantages are: 1) they do drip a bit when you pull them apart, leaving a bit of clean-up and 2) if it gets warm enough that you need to put it in the fridge, the cold butter is even harder to use than when in stick form.

    Hope that helps!

    1. I haven't put my butter dish in the frig for 20 years. We finish a stick in a week and it never goes bad.

      1. I love my Butterbell! I kept looking at them in gourmet vendor catalogs but thought they were a bit pricey. When I came across one for under $10 at Tuesday Morning, I picked it up. When I returned home with it, my husband's response was "Noooo, not another useless kitchen gadget" but I think he now likes it even better than I do as he's the butter fiend at our house! No problems with moldy butter unless you were to leave it for weeks on end. Just make sure the bell is nice and dry when you load it with the room-temp butter and it will stick just fine. If you're someone who uses at least one stick of butter per week in your kitchen, you'll enjoy it.

        1. I have one , I change the water in it each day to keep the butter fresh.

          1. I own a butterbell and got tired of changing the water, filling/refilling the bell, etc. and stumbled upon an easy solution that might also work for you. I simply cut 3/4 stick of butter, unwrap the cut portion and place it in a small porcelin ramekin like the one below.

            Once the butter comes to room temperature, I cover the butter with plastic wrap and press down until the butter completely fills the ramekin. I then leave the ramekin covered on the counter.

            I often fill two ramekins at once and leave one ramekin on the counter and one ramekin in the dairy drawer of our fridge. That way, I always have a pretty dish of butter ready to go. One ramekin usually lasts the two of us anywhere from 7-10 days and I've never had a problem with moldy/rancid butter.

            Good luck!