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best bbq takeout in los angeles right now

looking to cater a party for 45 people this sunday night--want bbq ribs and chicken and side dishes--called baby blues but they want $150. to deliver, $50.00 to pack etc. and $1000.00 for the food$#@! any other thoughts?#@! thanks.

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  1. We had Dr. Hogly Wogly cater a party about 18 months ago. They charged $50 for paper goods and provided two servers, whom we tipped but otherwise did not have to pay.

    Don't forget the brisket.

    8136 Sepulveda Blvd
    Van Nuys, CA 91402
    (818) 782-2480

    1. a fellow nosher brought some bludso's out a few wks back. we didn't get ot it until at least 8hrs later and the bbq was still mighty good.

      1. Its not authentic bbq but on short notice how about Stone Fire Grill... i know they can do it for as cheap as $10 a person.... I really like their garlic chicken and tri tip....

        Stonefire Grill
        6405 Fallbrook Ave West, Hills, CA

          1. For best all around BBQ (though I've never gotten chicken there), I'd say Phillips. Not quite sure if they cater/deliver, but I do know they have "Party trays/meals".

            Though apparently, BigMista is challenging for top spot for BBQ; I'm checking it out Thursday.

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            1. re: mdpilam

              From what I've been reading, Big Mista' *is* the top spot, and they cater. See:


              I'm going either Weds. or Thurs.

              1. re: Mel Gee

                Big Mista has the best ribs in LA and I've had them all.
                They vend at the farmers markets around town and that's how I got hooked.


                SUNDAYS 10:00-2:00
                Atwater Village (Wells Fargo Parking Lot
                )3250 Glendale Boulevard

                TUESDAYS – 8:00-1:00
                Torrance 2200 Crenshaw Boulevard
                (Charles H. Wilson Park)

                WEDNESDAY - 2:00-7:00
                Lawndale (in front of Civic Center building)
                147th & Hawhtorne Blvd

                THURSDAY – 3:00-7:00
                El Segundo
                Main Street & Pine Avenue

                SATURDAYS - 10:00-2:00
                Watts (parking lot in front of park)
                103rd & Central Ave. - Ted Watkins Park

                1. re: monku

                  Call ahead if you want a big order. Speaking as an insider, I know BigMista sells out everything they make for the farmer's markets. The only way to ensure they'll make enough for your big party is to arrange it a few days ahead of time.


                  1. re: Professor Salt

                    Another thumbs up for both the ribs (a little bit of a kick 'cause of the chili rub) and the pulled pork. And the best DAMN peach cobbler I've ever had...

                    1. re: Briggs

                      Excellent red velvet cake too!

                      1. re: monku

                        red velvet cupcake you mean right, and not a bad deal at 2 bucks per, i previously thought someone mentioned it was 4 bucks per, ...

                        1. re: kevin

                          They have a $4 slice and a $2 slice. ($2 slice is half the size of a $4 slice).

                      1. re: Burger Boy

                        i think that's what the Professor said before too. but i think he made a disclaimer/disclosure about it in one of the posts.

                        1. re: kevin

                          Yes, he is my competition BBQ teammate (sorry if the disclosure as an "insider" wasn't clear in this post). As Kevin pointed out, I stated that in another post about BigMista.

                          1. re: Professor Salt

                            I thought so, I wish I had a group of friends that we could compete, I bet it is a lot of work but fun and rewarding. Is his BBQ similar to what your team does in competition?

                            1. re: Burger Boy

                              Bigmista (Neil) cooks the brisket on my team, where each of four cooks specializes in one meat. The way he cooks his brisket for the farmer's markets is very similar to his contest brisket.

                              The flavor profile of Neil's chicken, ribs and pulled pork is a little different than what the other teammates prepare, but those differences in recipe & technique aside, the important point is Neil's selling contest-grade meat at the farmer's markets.

                      2. re: Professor Salt

                        I advise against using Big Mista. He catered a large party for us once and it was a complete disaster. They did not make enough food and substituted cheap cuts of chicken vs. what we sampled in advance. BBQ had OK flavor but all meats were served cold.

                      3. re: monku

                        Hi monku,

                        Nice! :) Thanks for the info on this. I'll have to try it soon.

                  2. J&J Burger Shack and BBQ They might not deliver or provise servers, but you will be HAPPY! 323-934-5390

                    JNJ Burger Shack
                    5754 W Adams Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90016

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                    1. re: Burger Boy

                      jnj is the joint you tipped us off to way back in the day, burger boy.

                      thanks for the rec.

                      too bad they never seem to have the desserts besides the sweet potato pie, which is very good but i wished they served up that wider variety of desserts.

                      have you check'd out bludso's or big mistas roving market operation yet????


                      1. re: kevin

                        I need to stop pimpinf the desserts, I believe his mom's health does not permit her from standing on her feet and baking.

                        1. re: kevin

                          I went by Bledsoe's and they were closed. Maybe this sunday I will check out big mistas.

                          1. re: Burger Boy

                            Bludso's is closed Mondays. Friday-Sun they have beef ribs, everything else is avaliable Tues-Sun.

                            1. re: Ogawak

                              Will have to try it on a Fri thru Sun then. They were closed on a Tues when I dropped by. And he said to visit again for lunch on him. I believe his name is Kevin Bludso too.


                              1. re: kevin

                                Wow, what a generous offer. Yeah Kevin is a great guy. I wish he would open up a branch on the Westside, maybe Hawthorne or Lawndale.

                                1. re: Ogawak

                                  you call hawthorne and lawndale the westside, that would still be very far from me. now if it were west la, or santa monica, or even perhaps marina del rey that would work for me better.

                                  1. re: kevin

                                    Well if Bludso's moved to Santa Monica, we'd be looking at Baby Blues prices. Bludso's Texas Sampler is a reall bargain at $25. Kevin I know you are a true Chowhound, traveling far and wide for the best grub. Lawndale wouldn't be that far, would it.

                              2. re: Ogawak

                                It was oon a monday and I was dropping off a friend at LB Airport. I guess I will need to make a special trip.

                        2. Mom's BBQ in Van Nuys did a lot of studio catering. They are located at 14062 Vanowen Street; phone 818-786-1373.

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                          1. re: Kate is always hungry

                            i also a fan of mom's on vanowen in van nuys, great bbq, great gumbo even, and fried catfish too, there sides are nothing to sneer at either.

                            and those $1.75 slices of coconut cake are not only cheap but also delicious.

                            1. re: kevin

                              Have you tried the chocolate on chocolate cake? Delicious!

                              1. re: Kate is always hungry

                                if not the coconut, then i'll usu. go for the yellow cake w/ chocolate frostinng.

                                i'm not much into the double chocolate. nor the german chocolate.

                          2. Porky's closed their Inglewood branch, but they still have locations in Long Beach and, I believe, San Pedro or somewhere else South Bay. They emphasize catering -- I'm sure they will do a great job at a very competitive price. They do ribs and chicken, but their best items in my experience are their pulled pork and brisket. Sides are good too, especially the mac'n'cheese and, if you go for them, the greens.

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                            1. re: nosh

                              yes, pedro. 6th street and nelson.
                              porky's. ate the pulled pork. it was pretty routine.

                            2. Frankly, that sounds about right. I think that $15-25 per person for an all-inclusive BBQ take-out/drop-off catering sounds pretty reasonable. Of course, I do it in that ball park, though mine is kosher, and just beef ribs, not pork. But remember, you want it bulk, you want it hot when it gets there, and you want it uniform, and you want it there on time. That means taking special care- more than just packing 45 servings of stuff to go. If you just want 45 servings to go, just call any of these places in advance and tell them, and I'm sure they'll have it ready for you to pick up, at regular to-go prices. But, you'll need to repackage them to heat them up in your oven, you'll need to provide plates and plasticware (more than just the to-go containers). I think it's reasonable to charge a premium over regular to-go prices to have the food hot and uniform, in steam table pans, delivered, including serving utensils and plates/plasticware.

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                                1. re: paprkutr

                                  I think Granpa Fred's in the Valley is Kosher. I tried to go once and they had these weird hours. Called to see if they were open and the girl said yes, I get there and they open in 20 minutes. I was pessed and asked If I could wait inside and she said no. I asked why when I called they said they were open and she said no one said that. I digress, I believe they are Kosher.

                              1. How about Zeke's? I've had a couple events catered with them. Nice staff, good food, and they've got experience.

                                Zeke's Smokehouse
                                7100 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90046

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                                1. re: cjla

                                  Mom's on Vanowen should be able to handle a party order.

                                2. I host home poker games, and I have purchased catering from Baby Blues BBQ. I'm from the Deep South, and I love their food, which is not overpriced, but definitely not a bargain. I've also been happy with catering from:

                                  Phillips BBQ (as others have posted) and

                                  Original Texas BBQ King
                                  5309 S Vermont Ave
                                  Los Angeles, CA 90037
                                  (213) 437-0881

                                  1. wow--you 'guys' are all terrific--spoke with kevin at bigmista today, but he couldn't do the date--but i will definitely try him another time--waiting to hear from porky's--keeping my fingers xx'ed. keep the bbq info coming--always good to know@!#