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Mar 10, 2009 05:24 PM

Gabi's Sushi in Westfield?

Has anyone been to the new Gabi's Sushi on Elm in Westfield? If so, what do you think?

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  1. The sunshine took me to Westfield yesterday, I was able to find parking so I tried Gabi's Sushi and Noodles for lunch.

    It is a cozy BYOB (right across the street from Ferraro's Italian Restaurant) 13 Elm Street Westfield NJ.

    There are about 18 Tables. Long skinny restaurant.

    It has a modern feel with indie music playing in the background.

    They served green tea in teacups with handles.

    From a creative standpoint their menu was interesting. They had lots of interesting rolls (some over the top but if you are bringing children I guess I could see the need for a peanut butter and apple roll)

    I always try the salmon - it was good. I also had a roll with Super White Tuna and Blue Fin Tuna - Also good. Unfortunately for me after one bite, my palette did not love the soy sauce of choice on the table, had a strong rice vinegar taste, this taste was also on the roll which had a sauce drizzled on top.

    They had some interesting choices on the menu that I did not try like Sushi Pizza, Dumpling Soup. Monk Fish Liver, Skip Jack, and Sea Urchin (just about at the end of season)

    The noodles - I did not try those - they remain a mystery but are a large part of their menu ( Noodles with Kabob and Noodles in Soup) Gabi's Sushi and Noodles is the name of the restaurant.

    Everyone there was happy and friendly and the service quite attentive.

    A side note: There is a great sushi restaurant called Nagoya just a few blocks away on Rt 28 in Westfield nestled in a small strip mall with easy parking This place has the famous sushi roll popularity board. It has been there for years. Always yummy sushi and rolls.

    Happy Eating!

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      You know, after reading my review, I realized I should have just stated that this is not someplace I would recommend. While it was no better or no worse than many places out there, personally will never set foot in there again.
      Kinda, said it indirectly by recommending the Sushi place down the block.

    2. We ate there today and had a " well, we don't have to come back here again" moment. They are terribly overpriced for lunch, their sushi is no better than the quality you would get in a supermarket (the sushi from ShopRite in Garwood is much better in fact). The combination platters $10/each, were small to the point where my size 4 wife complained about being hungry afterward. The soy sauce was overpowering while the sushit rice had no flavor. It is pretty (not much different than the previous restaurant there) and there was good music playing. Let it be noted that we were one of 2 tables taken at 1:00 pm and the phone was not ringing for take out orders.