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Mar 10, 2009 05:11 PM

Cut vs Carnevino?

Cut vs Carnevino?
Enoteca San Marco vs Circo?
Olives or Firefly?

Oh...the choices to be had and the decisions to be made!! ??????

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  1. cut and carnevino are both good, personally i love cut.

    love circo never been to enoteca

    olives and fireflys are totally different in every way imaginable, not sure how you compare the two

      1. Well...we decided to go for Carnevino after all as it appeared (from the menu outside the restaurant...not the one online) that the final tally at CUT would be considerably more $$. Maybe we were ultimately fooling ourselves when all would be said and done but an 8oz NY at CUT was $52 whereas a16oz at Carnevino was $59. Plus, only 2 of the 4 of us would actually be ordering steak and it seemed like Carnevino had more alternative menu items.

        We received wonderful wine suggestions in right in our price range and had probably the best Blood Orange Martini ever!!!

        We do not regret our decision AT ALL!! Our entire experience at Carnevino was outstanding! We are Batali fans but have had 2 negative experiences at B&B and we won't go back. Our service was professional without being stuffy, the menu items were unique and prepared wonderfully.

        You may think a caprese salad is the same everywhere and we hesitated since we are not yet in tomato season but we were told they roast them ever so slightly to draw out the sweetness off season. That is my favorite trick at home. I had asked for a splash of balsamic. They recommended I try it first and they were right. Just something about the their freshly made mozz. was enough to fill my mouth with flavor.

        The Grilled Octopus app was a thin slice of Octopus lightly grilled to before the point where it would get tough. It was served with small roasted potatoes, really fresh peas and sliced red chilies and was totally different from what I expected. Perfectly balanced with fresh was to die for!

        The waiter recommended the Black Fett. with crab, jalapenos, and shallots to even out our choices before splitting the steak. It was a great accompaniment as the spicy/salty flavors were so different than the other items we had ordered.

        The Bone in NY Strip (w/o sauce) did not disappoint either. Our dining partners loved the Artichoke soup special. The Baked Clams had a bit of a spicy kick but were light, airy with a crunchy topping. The Mushroom Papparadelle was a bit too salty to her liking but she did not speak up. The OSSO BUCO fell apart at the touch of the fork. MMMMM!!!

        To top it all off....the flourless warm choc cake never disappoints but I'm a choc fiend so choc can do no wrong.

        Again, we remain fans of Mario Batali. He continues to surprise us with new and innovative menu offerings. This location is apparently under better management than B&B who have had many neg. reviews about service on this board. Even the music was easier to appreciate here than the blasting ipod over there.

        We wound up skipping all the other choices I initially listed above. We sure enjoyed ourselves at Carnevino after seeing the Terry Fator show at the Mirage...... which is also something I highly recommend!

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          CarneVino Italian Steakhouse
          3325 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV

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            Thanks for the review. Ate at Carnevino a year ago, and thought it was good but unmemorable. Some interesting pastas and my wife agrees that the Blood Orange Martini is fantastic. I'm spoiled on my own steaks and rarely find one at a restaurant that I enjoy as much as my own, which is why I rarely do steakhouses. That said, we're trying Stripsteak at the end of the month because a friend wants to try it.