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Mar 10, 2009 04:46 PM

Grants - West Hartford CT

Hi, going for dinner this week and it's my first time eating there - any thing you would strongly recomend or recomend to stay away from? The menu looks great. And btw they are having a buy one get one free entree through Friday if you dine between 5-6pm. Thanks

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  1. grants is really can't go wrong with anything on his menu...enjoy and let me know how you liked it.

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    1. re: christiane314

      this place is great.. so is their sister restaurant briccos around the corner. i dont think i have ever had one thing that i would not recommend-all good here!

      1. re: raretothet

        we did end up having a really good meal there, we both got the duck which was outstanding. Thanks

        1. re: geminigirl

          I thought the carrot cake was awful, absolutely no flavor at all, although the rum raisin ice cream that goes along with it was very good. Other than that I like the place.

          1. re: geminigirl

            You both got the same thing?! With so much opportunity to taste more items! ;)

            Glad you enjoyed - it's a fine restaurant.

            1. re: Uncledave

              DH changed his mind at the last minute just as he was ordering, I didn't see it coming, he's not a duck person really, I think he was going to go with the trout...:)

      2. Grant's rises head and shoulders above the others in West Hartford Center for food and lack of pretense. And how can one avoid the case full of sweet goodies on the way out? I must confess that I've received a parking ticket because I've stopped for just a moment to buy desserts - then eat at least one in the car.

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        1. re: shaogo

          Don't forget Arugula, another place that rises above the slop in the center, if they are still open. Domain squatters appear to have taken over their site.

          1. re: ratbuddy

            The last time I ate at Arugula, the chef and one of the waitstaff had a screaming match. Really. In the middle of the restaurant. Loudly. I ain't going back there again.

            1. re: ratbuddy

              hey ratbuddy...of course we are open! i am celebrating 14 years in may....i don't have a web site...never have, actually...what is a domain squatter?

              and i am not sure what shaogo is referring to...yelling in the dining room with a server...i truly apologize if that is the case!

              1. re: christiane314

                Hmm, I think we've bumped into each other on the Courant's comment sections. A domain squatter is someone who takes a name of a business or person or whatever and registers it as a website, for a variety of shady reasons. It can be because the site registration expired and the original owner forgot to renew it, or they just register it before someone with a valid claim to the name.

                The reason I thought that might be the case is when you google for 'arugula west hartford' they highlight as though it's the restaurant's site.

                1. re: ratbuddy

                  wow...are you benny?? i came across your post on's fatty burger..i had to laugh...

                  i've never had a website...when you google arugula, west hartford, it should take you to all the reviews on the bistro...and yeah, the first thing is a website but it's all about vegetables! are you in west hartford? i'm DYING to find out what shaogo is referring to!!! thanks for replying!

            2. re: shaogo

              The ticket was so worth it! I am getting hungry just thinking of my last dinner there.